Hello, Welcome to my blog..
My name is Zoe I'm 25 and live in the UK - East Midlands, My blog consists mainly of beauty related posts as this is my main passion.
 I decided to set up a blog a few years back because I liked the idea of sharing my interests with other like-minded people. Living in a house full of boys (my two sons Alfie 3, Charlie 16 months and my fiancĂ© ) they don't really understand all this beauty chit chat, so blogging is my escape to write about what I love, not to mention my much needed "mummy time out" sometimes.
One of my other passions is music, I have always been a fan of 90's Britpop/ Indie music such as Oasis, The Verve, The Stone Roses, Starsailor, Arctic Monkeys and Kings of Leon.
I enjoy Cooking for my family and friends, and  I am also bit of a health and fitness freak so you may sometimes find these related posts on my blog too.
I love the fact that people take time to read and comment my post's it means so much,
Thank you for visiting and I hope you enjoy.
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