Monday, 14 August 2017

Summer Degustabox

If you are new to the concept of Degustabox, its basically a monthly food subscription service. Every month a parcel of different food and drinks come to your door, which are also a complete surprise. It is great for the whole family to enjoy, and you can also try out things you wouldn't normally pick up on your food shops.
Every month Degustabox come up with a theme and this months one is the Summer Box. So you can expect lots of light, refreshing fruity snacks and drinks.

The brands included in this months box are ...

BlossomHill, Crafted, Rowntree's, Ryvita, Oloves, Merchant Gourmet, Frylight, Maille, The Collective, Thor, Weetabix.

In this months box there isn't one product I wouldn't use. it's a pretty good box! I regularly use things like Quinoa in my cooking so this one by Merchant Gourmet was a handy addition. Then there was an Avocado Frylight cooking oil spray, I usually use coconut oil to cook with so I was quite intrigued to see an avocado one.

I'm not a fan of Olives personally, but my other half loves them, so I like how these ones by OLOVE come in a handy snack size packet. I have also been using Dijon Mustard quite a bit in certain recipes lately - one of the Lean in 15 cookery books by Jo Wicks has a No Bread Benedict recipe where you make a healthier hollandaise sauce using a Dijon mustard.

I was excited to see the Weetabix Additions in the coconut and raisin flavour, I have seen it in the shops and thought it sounded nice. Although when I tried it, it didn't live up to expectations. I found it quite bland and it didn't taste too much different to the basic Weetabix just had a hint of raisin.
The Mango & Passionfruit juice by Crafted was a really lovely drink. Wasn't bitter, and makes a yummy refreshing drink with a bit of lemonade.

When you decide to get a Degustabox you can choose between an alcoholic or non alcoholic box. The box I'm showing has the selection of both. I was happy to see the Blossom Hill Spritz in Elderflower & Lemon flavour. I have really been enjoying fruity flavoured wines and this one was so good. perfect summer drink.

Every month Degustabox do a product of the month and this month it is the Rowntree's randoms with 30% less sugar.

The kids really enjoyed these, and i didn't feel as bad for them to have them as they have a lot less sugar than usual which is great. I will be getting these again.

Also included in this Degustabox was a voucher for a big tub of kids Yoghurt from the brand The Collective. I have been on the hunt for this in every supermarket but i am yet to find it which is a pain.

You can get all of this for just £12.99 a month which is amazing value if you ask me! Get a massive £7 off your first box using the code (VNJG) at checkout, making your first box only £5.99.

Sign up HERE.

*P/R Sample

Have you tried Degustabox? What do you think of this months contents? I would love to hear your thoughts.

Thanks for reading,
Love Zoe x


  1. I really like the idea of the degusta box but am a bit concerned due to being a veggie that I wouldn't be able to eat the stuff sometimes! xx

  2. It is a really good concept, but I see what you mean. Having a vegetarian box option may be a good thing for Degustabox to concider?


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