Monday, 3 April 2017

Vita Liberata's New 10 Minute Tan

If you have been a regular reader of mine you'll know how much I love a bit of self tanner, and Vita Liberata being one of my favourite bands have just released a super convenient 10 Minute Tan. I must say, I do sometimes find it difficult fitting in time to do my tan so I was excited to try this..hence why I used it as soon as it arrived at my door.

Firstly, the packaging is just beautiful, with the sleek bronze tube and the gold lid! in my opinion Vita Liberata never get it wrong with packaging, everything always screams luxury.

This self tanner is a very fast acting, self tanner giving you a sun-kissed glow in just 10 minutes. Usually, with other self tanners I use, I have to leave it on for a good few hours before I get my desired colour. Which can be quite tricky for me seen as I'm always having to handle water in one way or another, and that's obviously risky business when you are waiting for a tan to develop.
Pretty much every time I self tan, I have to go back over it after getting lovely drip marks on my arms or legs haha. So just having to wait 10 minutes is brilliant.

Preferably I like to use a mousse formula as I find I'm less likely to get streaks and it dries faster, as this Vita Liberata one is more of a lotion I was a bit nervous of the outcome as I wasn't as used to it.

How this product works-
This isn't your average tanner, where you apply it to prepped skin, leave it on for a few hours, once developed then wash off the base colour.
This one is much easier - You apply to clean, dry skin after exfoliating ( I use the Vita Liberata Super Fine Skin Polish for this HERE ). Then I applied mine with a tanning mitt using a bit of product at a time, it's quite a thick consistency so make sure to spread it out evenly. You then wait 10-20 minutes depending on how deep you want your tan, then rinse it off. Once this product is rinsed off that is when the tan starts to develop. Within 4-6 hours you'll have a gorgeous, streak free natural tan.
But not only does this give you a beautiful glow, it also looks after your skin at the same time. It contains amazing ingredients such as Vitamin C, Omega Oils and Rose Hip to lock in moisture.

My thoughts -
Straight up guys, this is my new favourite tan!
The first time I tried this I left it on for 15 minutes and it wasn't as dark as I would have liked, so the second time round I broke the rules and left it on for 40 minutes, then after the tan had developed properly, I was like wow I look like I've been on holiday! It gives you the perfect sun-kissed colour, lasts a good 5 days before gradually fading evenly and makes your skin feel so soft.
Even my other half commented on how nice my tan looked, and that's something.
The only down side to this was I found it did have a typical self tanner light biscuit smell to it, but it faded after a few hours, but it's totally worth it for the results.

My Results -



Honestly, I couldn't recommend this product enough, I think this would also be great for anyone new to tanning as I feel it is pretty much fool-proof.

Vita Liberata 10 Minute Tan - £29.95 available HERE

*P/R Sample

Have you tried the Vita Liberata 10 Minute Tan? What are your favourite self tanners? I would love to hear your thoughts.

Thanks for reading,

Love Zoe x

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  1. Great tips! I'm glad you mentioned something about leaving it on for longer because I found this really didn't make a difference in my skin color... I actually left it on for 20 minutes and there was literally zero difference in my skin.


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