Wednesday, 19 April 2017

Kiko Milano's New Summer 2.0 Collection - Highlighting Drops '01 Golden Shell'

It was my birthday a few weeks back and my fiancé Nick took me shopping in Birmingham. I had no idea they had a Kiko store. I have never tried anything from the brand, and always heard good things so decided to go in for a little swatch fest. I went straight over to the eye shadows, they have such a massive range! I was on the hunt for the 208 water shadow, which I'm sure you have heard makes a pretty popping highlight.

I grabbed that and one for my sister as I knew she'd love it too, then went to pay - The really lovely lady at the till looked at what I was buying and was like 'oooh you like highlighter?! ..erm yaas! she was like if you want to be seen from space you need to see this, and took me to this new collection which had these highlighter drops. One swatch and SOLD! because I'm a sucker for a highlight.

Usually I'm not one for a liquid highlight as I find them a bit too faffy sometimes, but this blends like a dream, goes on nicely on top foundation and is just so easy to use. I have used this every day since I've had it and that's something for me as I have quite a collection!
Firstly I like how it comes in a squeezy tube so you can easily see and control how much product you are getting out. The shade Golden Shell is gorgeous and right up my street, I much prefer a gold highlight over any others and I can see this working on quite a variety of different skin tones too.

At first I thought it may be like the Cover Fx liquid highlighting drops but those are way more bright and metallic looking, it definitely is a pow! kinda highlight but can be quite hard to work with as the formula is thicker too. This Kiko one is lighter on the skin and gives a lot more of a healthy glow, as opposed to a beaming one like Cover Fx.

So not really a 'see from space' highlight as I was told, but a very pretty one none the less.

I know, I know, we all like a blinding highlight these days, but on days where I don't have a full face of makeup, a bright highlight just looks silly on me so the Kiko one is perfect. Plus, under a powder highlight it makes it pop so much more.

Before blending

lightly blended
Completely Blended
As you can see from my swatches it is very light in texture and gives such a beautiful Golden/Champagne glow to the skin. This product is so versatile as you can use it under foundation, mixes in with it for a dewy look, alone on the cheek bones or like I said before.. for an extra popping highlight put a powder one over the top of it.

To apply I just squeeze out a small amount on the back of my hand, and dot it onto the cheek bones and centre of my face after foundation, then blend lightly with a beauty blender. On my 'full face of makeup face' I'll apply it the same but then add a highlight over the top.

I am so impressed with this and I need to explore the brand a little more I think, it was also such good value for money. Also, I think if you are a bit weary of liquid highlight this would be a good place to start.

Kiko Summer 2.0 Highlighting Drops - £11.90 HERE

Have you tried anything from Kiko before? I would love some recommendations.

Thanks for reading,

Love Zoe x

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