Thursday, 16 February 2017

January Degustabox

It's that time again, and Degustabox have delivered such a great box this month! If you are unsure what Degustabox is please feel free to read my previous posts (HERE) I wasn't as blown away with last months additions, but this one sure makes up for it. As it's January Degustabox included more health related food and drinks which is much more up my street. Protein, Quinoa and Chia seeds ..yes please!!
There where also some other interesting bits in the box which I could not wait to try.

The Brands included in this months box are ...
Frut-tella, Finn Crisp, Pop Chips, Yushoi, Crabbies, Little's Coffee, Protein Boost, Aspire Drinks, Quinola, Chia Co, Natvia, Pip's Real Hot Chocolate Co, Chosan By Nature, The Collective Gourmet Yoghurt.

The first thing that caught my eye in this box was the super cute looking Hot Chocolate By Pip's, It's a hand made hot chocolate which looks too special to terrible like that haha, I have still left this for a 'treat yo'self occasion'. I just know it it's going to be delicious- it looks like a little wax melt which you pop in some hot milk.

Degustabox even added in coffee this month, and that is the way to my heart let's be honest! But it isn't just normal coffee, it's COCONUT COFFEE! oh my word.. 2 ingredient's I love most in this world combined, win, win!
The Little's Coconut flavoured coffee did not disappoint, it is delicious and low in calories too. I
haven't had this long but it's nearly all gone whoops.

Degustabox introduced me to Yuhoi a few boxes ago, I didn't think id like them but they where pretty darn good, and kept going back for more. So I was pretty happy to see the Coconut and Chilli flavour included. In our house we are also a fan of the original Pop Chips, These ridges ones where a new one to me, they where quite nice but blimey, when they say Crazy Hot they aren't joking. Pop Chips didn't hold back on that spice!!

The only things in the box I wasn't keen on was the Crabbies and Chosan by Nature drinks, and that's nothing against the brands that's just because I really hate Ginger Beer.

I'll be getting use out of everything else, I already use the Chia Co chia seeds in my shakes and porridge, so that was handy getting these travel friendly sachets. Plus you also get a voucher in the box for a free tub of the Gourmet Yoghurt by The Collective.

I shall be using the quinoa by Quinola for a quick dinner one night, it is pretty handy how it comes in a quick microwave pouch!

It was a great box this month and Degustabox is such a good idea if you want to try new food and drinks on the market. Plus every month is a surprise which makes it even better.

Join Degustabox (Here) and get your first box for only £5.99 using the code (VNJG) at checkout. Usual Price is £12.99 so that's amazing value!

*P/R Sample

Have you tried any of these items? Have you ever tried Degustabox? I would love to hear your thoughts.

Thanks for reading,

Love Zoe x

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