Saturday, 21 January 2017

December Degustabox

For those of you that don't know what Degustabox is, It's a monthly food subscription service which you get a huge box of new food, and drink items for you and your family to enjoy.  Every month is also a complete surprise too as you never know what goodies you'll get. If you want some idea on what gets sent, please feel free to have a look at my previous posts (HERE, HERE and HERE). I have discovered so many new brands and different foods I would never have normally thought of trying through using Degustabox.

The brands included in this December box where..
Bahlsen, Bristows, Gallo, Newtons, Eisberg, Maggi, Hoots, Bite+, What a Melon, Nutri-Brex, A2 Milk.


My overall thoughts on the December Degustabox is that it was alright, not as good as previous boxes I've had.

My favourite things from the December Degustabox has to be the What A Melon drink (love that brand name!), it was delicious, really refreshing and tasted just like drinking a fresh watermelon.This would be my perfect summer drink.
The Bristows apple and cinnamon fudge was a lovely addition too, I don't normally eat fudge but the flavour was so tasty, and the fudge was soft and creamy...yum! They certainly went down well with the family over Christmas.

It was nice getting the Bahlsen Lebkuchen as it is quite a Christmassy addition to the box. I had never tried these before either, but I liked the subtle Christmassy spices they have to them.

The Non alcoholic wine by Eisberg came in handy New Years Eve, we had a little party at our house so I gave it to my bothers pregnant girlfriend, who really enjoyed it.

I am yet to try the Gallo Risotto, It's not something I would think of eating to be honest. I may give them to my dad so he can have them for lunch at work or something.
My little boy enjoyed the Maggi chicken noodles, so much so he wants me to get more. The Hoot's Snacks which are like a pack of little toasted bread where ok, not much flavour to them, so not sure I'd go out and buy those in a hurry. Although they may work well with a salsa dip haha!

If you fancy giving a Degustabox a try for yourself, I have a brilliant discount code for you (VNJG) use this code at checkout (HERE) for £7.00 off your first box making it only £5.99!

Thanks for reading,

Love Zoe x

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