Wednesday, 21 December 2016

#GlitzTheSeason with GHD

The party season is well and truly here, and it's all about the sparkles, glitz and glam. Personally I am not one to use hair accessories or even get that creative with my hair styles to be honest. But GHD have helped me step out of my comfort zone and given me some gorgeous hair goodies to create some party styles using their new gorgeous GHD platinum copper styler, and accessories.

Firstly how stunning are these GHD copper straighteners, I have been using GHD's for years and nothing beats them. I love how GHD create different colours and versions to go with current trends, copper accessories are everywhere right now and I love anything copper at the moment so these are perfect. They will be the most amazing Christmas gift too, this set even comes with a heat protection mat and two beautiful copper coloured Nails Inc. polishes to compliment your copper styler.

At home I have a very old pair of the original straightening irons and I noticed these platinum ones have a slightly different design and are a little bit more expensive so I looked at the differences between them both, The platinum slyer has floating plates and a 'Wishbone' style hinge which allows greater control while styling. It also has an Intelligent Tri-ZoneⓇ built in, which maintains a safer-for-hair-heat from root to tip. Although we know using too much heat on your hair isn't good, GHD have deigned something that help reduce hair damage which is amazing.

Also the on button has a different little sound which I wasn't expecting and an 'on' indicator light. I also love GHD's safety feature where it will automatically shut off after 30 minutes of non use for that peace of mind.

When it comes to my hair style, (if I have time) I will normally just straighten it and part it down the middle..that's it! sometimes if I'm feeling really crazy i'll add some texture ha! so yeah, I'm quite plain Jane with the ol barnet! When I go the hair dressers I'll always get them to give me some curls, because it's something I love the look of but struggle to do them at home with a pair of irons. When I got the GHD platinum stylers I thought I would give it a go as the plate design is more rounded and they really do give better control, so I found them much easier to create a curl on my thick frizzy (wah) hair.

Using the GHD styling products, starting off with the heat protectant spray which smells amazing!! I sprayed this on my damp hair then blow dried. Once my hair was dry I popped the straighteners on and they heated up in seconds.
I then sectioned my hair and for each piece I was going to curl I sprayed in a little of the curl hold spray which stops the curls from dropping, which always happens to me usually.

I created my first look using the pretty gold leaf headband which reminds me of a Greek goddess -

I gently twisted the hair down the plates away from the face to create the curl and it was so easy and smooth. Pinning the curl also makes them last longer as they can cool.
I then places the headband on the crown of my head and brushed out the curls gently so they didn't look so 'done'. I liked how it looked down, but if I went out with my hair down by the end of the night it can tend to start looking a little crazy, so I also incorporated it into an updo look and it looked just as good...if not better.

By leaving some volume in the crown of the hair, popping it in a low pony tail and leaving the front part of the hair out it gives a pretty, yet effortless kind of look. I love how the headband makes this look. For anyone that struggles to keep the curls in their hair I really recommend the GHD curl hold spray it made such a difference.

I also tried to glitz up my usual daytime hairstyle a bit, I used the straitening irons to smooth out my hair and make it glossy by using the GHD shine spray. I then parted my hair and did a braid on each side of my hair. GHD gave me these cool hair rings, so I popped them in the braid. It gave such a cool, edgy twist on my usual look and perfect if you are in a hurry.

I am so impressed with these GHD platinum hair straighteners, they make straightening and curling my hair so much easier. the plates just glide through the hair. The products are just as good and I cant stop using them.
I hope you like the styles I created and they can give you some hair inspo for Christmas/New Year.

The GHD Platinum Copper Luxe Gift set would be the most perfect gift too! RRP- £175.00 Here.

Have you ever tried GHD? What hair styles will you be rocking this party season? I would love to hear your thoughts.

Thanks for reading,

Love Zoe x

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