Tuesday, 27 September 2016

Sensationail - Polish to Gel starter kit

Personally, I don't think you can beat nice, neatly manicured nails. Being a mum of two I sometimes find it hard to fit in time for a manicure, but now I can do it all easily from the comfort of my own home. I have tried an at home gel kit before and reviewed it here on my blog and that wasn't good at all, the manicure didn't even last a day before chipping off so I'm hoping that Sensationail being a well known, and loved by many brand I'm hoping this is the system for me. That's the whole point to these at home gel systems anyway, glossy nails that last longer than regular polish - the only down side is having to purchase all new gel polishes to go with it right? ....Wrong, because the geniuses at Senstionail have designed a new Polish to Gel kit where you can use your regular polish and mix it into a gel... hurray money saved!

The Senstional Polish to Gel starter kit contains everything you need to create salon worthy nails at home -
  • LED lamp
  • Gel Cleanser
  • Polish to Gel
  • File
  • Orange Stick
  • Lint free wipes
  • Nail primer
  • Mixing Pot
There are 2 ways you can us this kit, one where you mix the same parts regular polish and Polish togel together, and the other using a regular polish first then topping off with the Polish to Gel and curing in the lamp.

I decided to try the mixing option, I went with my favourite ever OPI shade in 'It Never Ends' put in a few drops into the mixing pot with the same parts Polish to Gel and mixed to turn my favourite nude shade to a gel colour!

This kit is so easy to use with just these simple steps --
  • Just clean and file your nails, then lightly buff the nail bed (the gel sticks better to a rougher surface) using the lint free wipes clean the nail with the gel cleanser.
  • Apply one layer of gel primer and air dry.
  • Mix equal amounts Polish to Gel with the chosen polish.
  • Apply one thin layer of the mixture to the nails and cap the free edge.
  • Cure for 30 second in the lamp.
  • Apply a second coat of the mixture and cure for another 30 seconds.
  • Apply a single layer of the polish to gel and cure for 15 seconds.
  • Finish by removing the moisture layer by using the gel cleanser and lint free wipe.
Here is my finished result -

I absolutely loved how easy It was and the fact I can now wear all my regular polish's as a nice glossy, long - lasting gel. The manicure lasted a good 7-8 days before chipping which is good for me as my hands are always in water doing the dishes, and lots of other lovely household chores.

I also had a little experiment using the kit by trying my hand at the Chrome nail trend using magpie glitter dust in 'Connie' which Is a pink iridescent shimmer, a no wipe gel topcoat, and an old school eyeshadow brush to scrub it on the nail --

I love the way this turned out, the colour is perfect for Autumn!

To remove the gel, I have found a solution that works for me, I soak some cotton balls in acetone wrap them around my fingers with foil, leave to sit on there for a few minutes, then use a cocktail stick to peel them away.
I have seen that Sensationail do sell special removing tools in their range too.

£49.99 HERE

Have you tried Sensationail?

I would love to hear your thoughts.

*P/R Sample


  1. I love the sound of this and your nails look lovely both the nude and the chrome finish look too, I have a sensationail kit I was sent and I love it, I am going to see if I can buy the drops separately then I can do this too, fingers crossed xx

    Zoe ♥ MammafulZo

  2. I've wanted to try this set for ages - it looks great x


  3. My mum wants a gel nails kit for her birthday and I've been so stuck with what to buy her, so your review has come at just the right time, Zoe! This sounds so good, and I love that you don't need to buy all-new polishes for it :) xx


  4. Awh really!! thanks lovely so glad I could help! its a good idea isn't it, it costs a right fortune to buy all new gel polishes for it. Hope she likes it xx

  5. Its fab and sin easy to use. You should treat yourself!

  6. Hi Zoe, thanks for the comment! thank you, its my most favourite polish ever!! its good isn't it. oh yeah I think you can buy separate xx

  7. I have the normal Sensational kit but I'm not a fan of their nail polishes as they never seem to apply very well! I love the idea of being able to use my favourite other polishes and make them gel!


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