Monday, 8 August 2016

Nail Trends - Elegant Touch Press on Nails

Chrome nails seem to be everywhere right now and I am all for it! I have been looking at online tutorials and those quick Instagram videos on how to achieve the look. It looks amazing but a right faff to be honest. Firstly you need a UV nail system - polishes and light, Then you have to use a pigment which you kind of scrub onto the nail revealing the stunning, shiny chrome look, following another coat of clear polish you have to cure to set it in place.
I haven't yet been able to find a salon locally which does this technique yet either. So while shopping at the weekend I came across these nails by Elegant Touch in Superdrug, how impressive do they look!!

The styles I have here are ...

Hall of Mirrors -

These are a mid length oval nail, which have the most eye catching pearlescent finish. Mermaid nails to the max.. they look amazing with a tan and catch the light beautifully.

Constellation -

These are a little longer and slightly more pointy than the Hall of Mirrors ones, they have a stunning metallic, chrome, rose gold colour to them.

In each of the sets you get 24 nails, in 10 different sizes with a nail glue, buffer and instructions. I have been using Elegant touch nails on and off for years and I love them. They last ages on the nails, even with lots of washing up- usually about 5 days before one pings off and I have to re-glue.
They feel very comfortable, as they kind of flex around your natural nail bed, and they aren't too long either which I like. Oh and they take no time to apply.

Application  -
  • Make sure your natural nails are clean and free from polish.
  • File your natural nails if needed so you don't get any nail poking through the press ons.
  • Size up the nails by holding the press ons over your natural nail to see if they cover the nail part (tip- make sure the nail doesn't touch your skin it wont last as long). Once you think it fits, each nail has a number on the inside by the tip, so you can easily pair them up.
  • Pop a bit of glue on the nail and press it on, hold for a few seconds.
With these particular nails I wouldn't recommend filing them or cutting them as I have seen some reviews of people doing that, and they said it has made the design peel away. Leave them as they are and you'll be good for days.

If you want some on trend nails that really make a statement I'd definitely recommend checking out these ranges by Elegant Touch.

I picked up these from Superdrug, the Hall of Mirrors ones are currently on offer HERE - for £4.99 usually £7.99. The Constellation style HERE for £7.95.

Have you tried these nails? What are your thoughts on the chrome nail trend? I'm obsessed!! I would love to hear your thoughts.

Love Zoe x


  1. Loved this post! My favourite are the Rose gold nails, think I might have to get some.

    Chloe x

  2. Aw that's really nice thank you! So glad you liked it. The rose gold is beautiful! Let me know if you try :) xx

  3. Oh boy! I need these nails! xx

  4. Oh I love these, I will be getting some for my holidays. Is the glue good? Mine always ping off soooo quickly. 😟 Xxx

  5. I love these, was obsessed with a purple set at christmas :)

  6. I agree as pretty as these chrome nails looks, creating them at home by yourself looks almost impossible so I have to say I am quite impressed by these press on versions! they look perfect x

    Beauty with charm

  7. Amazing aren't they!! Such a statement xx


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