Thursday, 4 August 2016

Huda Beauty - Lip Contour

Everyone seems to be going crazy for these Huda Beauty lip products at the moment, I had awaited their arrival to the UK on Cult Beauty for some time, I signed up to the waiting list for the first release, and just my luck- I got the email on the way into town that they where in stock. I was frantically trying to get some in my basket, knowing they would sell out fast. baring in mind I was using the crappy 3G signal and the site crashes...didn't stand a chance. I got home and they where sold out. Then I heard they where coming back to Cult Beauty, so i added my email once again to the mailing list, and what happens they come back in stock while I am on holiday ...NOOOOO.
When I arrived back into the U.K I checked Cult Beauty again like a mad woman, expecting them to be gone, but as luck would have it they had them all in. They must have a bigger batch this time around.

So, there is the little story that came with picking these up, I was hoping it was worth all this effort, the struggle was real!

I knew I wanted the shades Bombshell and Trendsetter after seeing swatches online, the colours are right up my street.

Firstly I love the look of the sleek packaging and the Huda Beauty logo, and the way the colour at the end of the box represents the shade of the lip pencil. The lip liners remind me so much of the Kylie Cosmetics ones and they are one of my favourites.
There are 9 different colours to choose from in the range, and the colours I chose where Bombshell - which is a pretty nude pink and Trendsetter - which is a little similar to Bombshell but deeper and more brown toned for that gorgeous 90's lip trend.

L-R Bombshell, Trend Setter
These liners apply so smoothly, they don't pull or tug on the lip like a lot of liners can. This makes it so much more comfortable to wear alone all over the lip. They don't make your lips feel too dry and feel rather creamy for a matte finish.
Bombshell and Trendsetter look beautiful on their own but paired together ..OH MY! using the shade Trendsetter all over the lip then adding Bombshell to the centre is a match made in heaven.
Doing it that way gives a bit more dimension to the lips, making them look fuller and more pouty.

Here is a picture of me mixing both shades - Trendsetter with Bombshell blended in the centre.

The longevity of these are fantastic, after swatching those on my arm it was a right struggle removing them. They will last most the day, obviously depending on what you eat or drink.

Now I'm waiting on those Huda Beauty Liquid lipsticks, lets hope I'm luckier this time around haha. Anyone else?

Huda Beauty Lip Contour - £16.00 Cult Beauty

Have you tried these Huda Beauty lip Contours? What shades do you fancy picking up? I would love to hear your thoughts.

Thanks for reading,

Love Zoe x


  1. I nearly purchased Trendsetter the other day. I definitely need to get it now! They both look and sound amazing. Your hair also looks so nice like that zoe :) xx

  2. Aww you should !! It would look amazing on you! Aww thanks so much lovely.. Feeling very 90s haha xx

  3. These look amazing!!!


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