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Vita Liberata Marula Dry Oil Self Tan

If you know me you'll know I'm getting to be quite the tanning connoisseur, and Vita Liberata are one of my top favourite tanning brands. I find that Vita Liberata always bring the most innovative tanning products to the table, like the bronzing makeup that actually tans (Trystal minerals) and an overnight tanning face mask which has tons of skincare benefits (Self Tanning Night Moisture Mask), both amazing, amazing quality products which I regularly use.
Their latest addition Marula Dry Oil Self Tan with SPF 50 is no different, this is the worlds first self tanning oil that has an addition of SPF 50 so you cant get that beautiful bronze glow with the added sun protection, and nourishing oils to give you soft, supple skin - sounds pretty amazing right?

First off the packaging is blimmi'n gorgeous, it comes in a dusty purple shade box with gold accents and the bottle itself is a clear glass, which shows off the shimmery golden product inside, not to mention a rose gold lid...YES!.

Alyson Hogg, the founder of Vita Liberata made this Marula Dry Oil Tan with SPF 50 so you could "Lavish your skin in luxurious dry oils, have high protection from sun exposure and meanwhile develop a natural, glowing tan that is both buildable and long lasting."

Marula oil is a new one to me, so I read up on it and apparently it is 4x more hydrating than the ever-so-popular Argan oil and 4x more vitamin c than an orange..perfect for healing, skin repair and moisture locking.
This one product also contains the following...
Cucumber - which is an excellent inflammatory and calms the skin.
Neroli - Tones, cleans and tightens the skin.
Lemongrass - minimises pores and temporarily firms the skin.
Coconut - Moisturises.

This would be the first time I have tried a self tanning oil, I usually prefer a mousse as i'm used to it more. With this oil I was trying to guess how much product to use and it got a bit messy at times because obviously it's a very runny oil.

Application -

I started on my legs using a tanning mitt, after giving the bottle a shake I tipped on a bit of product at a time working in circular movements as suggested. It has a nice fresh lemongrass scent too I noticed, none of that typical biscuit smell which I personally dislike. I worked upwards towards the neck but leaving the face as I never self tan my face with anything but the Vita Liberata overnight moisture mask which I mentioned above.

My skin felt instantly smooth and looked very glowy! It looked amazing after I applied it and my skin felt so much softer than it normally would after self tanning... this will be perfect if you suffer from dry skin.
On the box it says leave on for an hour for tanning results and leave on for 8 hours for optimal results. I left it on for around the 8 hour mark and washed it off my skin in the shower. It will look quite dark before you wash off the base colour so don't panic! once washed off you'll be left with something more natural.

Here are my results after washing off the product...

I loved the results and my skin looked so smooth and glowy. The tan lasted about a week on me and did fade a little bit patchy unfortunately, but this could be user error...where I put more product on some areas than others. so I will keep testing this out to see if that was the case. Self tanner also tends to last a bit less longer on me as I exercise a lot and where I sweat more the colour comes off quicker in those places. Oh and a little of this product at a time as it does go a long way!

None the less, another great product from Vita Liberata!!

The Vita Liberata Marula Dry Oil Self Tanner retails for £39.00 (HERE) It isn't cheap but this is a Luxury tanning product and they put in the best quality skin loving ingredients. It isn't just tanning but great skincare too.

*P/R Sample
Have you tried the Vita Liberata Marula Oil? I would love to hear your thoughts.
Thanks for reading,
Love Zoe x


  1. I totes agree it's so lovely. Xx

  2. This sounds great, my daughter swears by their 2-3 week tan :) xx

    Zoe ♥ MammafulZo

  3. I really want to try this out. I get such dry skin from fake tan so this would be perfect! I love their wash off tan xx

    Tamz |


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