Friday, 5 February 2016

January Degustabox

Apologies with the lack of posts recently, I've had some computer problems, all seems sorted now finally!
Today I have for you the surprise, monthly food parcel box from Degustabox -and as always, contains lots amazing brands and new things to try. Its always exciting seeing what is coming in your next box, and is one for the whole family to enjoy.

Inside the January edition of Degustabox includes brands from - Finn Crisp, Coldpress, Conscious Chocolate, Jordans Country Crisp, Amoy, Tsingtao, Yushoi, Clarks, Slim Noodles and Fruit Bowl.

It's always great getting that one product that you personally wouldn't have thought about buying but thoroughly enjoyed, and that was the Yushoi snap pea rice sticks in Chilli and lime. I would never have thought about picking these up on a food shop as i never thought i'd like them to be honest. When they came in my Degustabox i had to give them a go, i was so impressed! they are lovely.. i saved some for my fussy other-half to try after work and he demolished the whole bag-we bought more that night.

That's what's great about boxes like this... to discover things you wouldn't initially think of getting normally.

I also really enjoyed the Jordans Country Crisp on top of my Greek yoghurt for breakfasts with a drizzle of honey of course!
The Conscious Chocolate Raw chocolate bar was an unusual yet delicious one, It didn't taste how i was expecting.. it didn't have that usual solidness to it was really soft and more like a truffle bar. A nice healthier alternative when i fancied a bit of a chocolate hit. I have a feeling the mint flavour will be amazing!

I like how they included something in the box you could almost make a whole meal with, one night i think i will be trying one of the Amoy cooking sauce's with a bit of chicken and veg and use the Slim Noodles for a lighter meal.

Overall i am really impressed with this box and everything is in the process of being used or gone already ha. I really recomend trying Degustabox as it's great for the whole house!

Even more reason to try degustabox - I have kindly been given a £6 off discount code for your first box - BLDEG15 which takes your first box to just £6.99 instead of £12.99! such amazing value for all of that, Sign up HERE.

Have you tried Degustabox? I would love to hear your thoughts.

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Love Zoe x

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