Wednesday, 6 January 2016

GHD - Advanced Split End Therapy

Everyone has heard of the well known and loved brand GHD, they are most famous for their amazing quality straighteners. I remember a bit later on in secondary school wanting a pair of GHD's so bad, just because word on the street was they are the best of the best, and all the salons used them, so they had to be pretty amazing right? - and that was exactly what I needed for my unruly, frizzy mane.
Teenagers these days will never know the struggle before the invention of straightening irons haha.. or carrying around a massive CD Walkman for that matter - you weren't getting that bad boy in your coat pocket that's for sure! - wow I'm so retro.

Anyway, moving on a few years my other half bought me my first ever pair of GHD straightening irons, and they where just as amazing as I thought they would be. Using more hot styling tools can start to take it's toll on your hair which is why it's always recommended to use products which help protect from heat.

GHD have bought out this fantastic new product that helps with so many hair problems you may have, all wrapped up in one luxurious golden tube, called Advanced Split End Therapy.

This wonder treatment is activated by heat, so once any hot styling tools get to work on your hair so does this treatment. It works instantly to fortify ends, leaving hair sleek, smooth and shiny for up to 10 washes which makes this product excellent value for money as you wont need to use this after every single wash like you would with most.

The GHD advanced split end therapy is scientifically formulated for all hair types so it works for everyone. The formula contains a blend of nutrient rich ingredients that help defend your precious locks against everyday styling and even environmental stress, utilising a propriety Thermo-Marine Bonding System™, the treatment fills and binds broken hair fibres together to instantly repair split ends, while the Super Nutrient Complex prevents future breakage by coating  each strand with a protective coating.

This wonder product from GHD is all the care you hair needs. It saves you from adding multiple products to your hair targeting different things which can give lots of build up, weighing it down and making it look greasy.

How to use
- Start by shampooing your hair, then towel dry to get rid of excess moisture.
- Shake tube a little before you open to mix the product inside, then dispense roughly 10ml into your hands.
- Apply throughout the ends of hair and other places which may have damage.
- Comb the product through with a detangling comb to ensure even distribution.
- Section hair, and blow-dry smooth.
- Use your straightening irons over your hair in small sections to seal in the product

My Thoughts...
After I have done all those steps my hair is left feeling amazing, I love how lightweight this product is, there is no threat of it weighing down your hair like a lot of leave-in products I've tried can. It has a lovely clean smell to it, nothing too masculine or feminine which makes it perfect for both sexes. I know truly the only way to fix split ends is to get a trim, but until that hairdresser visit this little product is perfect at sealing them down. I think its pretty special that it also prevents any future breakage keeping your hair in the best ever condition. My hair is looking less fried and more 'OH HAI swishy healthy hair'.

The new GHD advanced split end therapy RRP £19.95 - Available in certain salons, premium retailers and .

Have you tried any GHD products before? I would love to hear your thoughts.

*P/R Sample
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  1. I still have my first GHD from my last year in school which I won't say how long ago that was (cuz it;'s a long time ago haha). But it works perfectly, bare in mind that I don't use it everyday or anything like that. I've never tried the brand's hair products though but this one sounds fab as I'm always dealing with dry ends x

    Beauty with charm

  2. Leave-in products scare me but this sounds amazing! My ends are really dry so I'll have to try it out :) xx


  3. This definitely sounds like what I need!!x


  4. I had a chance to try it out and it's amazing! Leaves the hair feeling so soft x


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