Wednesday, 2 December 2015

Juicetou - New Blac. Charcoal Cleanse

You may have seen my last review on the Juicetou 5 day juice cleanse I did (here), now the brand Juicetou have recently released a new product to their line called Blac.
Black. Is a charcoal cleanse which isn't a weight-loss aid this time, but a cleanse that helps eliminate acid wastes out of your system by using Activated Charcoal, it's also been branded the 'red carpet cleanse'... intriguing eh?

First of all I have to say how much I love the packaging of these, it's monochrome and stylish to look just pleases me haha.
A few people may be put off by how black this drink is, but I assure you it's much easier and pleasant to drink then you'd think.

The 7 day Blac. Cleanse contains 7 drinks, one to be taken every night roughly half hour before bed so it gets to work while you catch some zzz's.

The Ingredients I the Black. cleanse are - Alkaline Water, Activated Charcoal, Agave Nectar and Lime.
The Agave Nectar and lime give it a nice bit of sweetness and zest so the drink isn't so plain. I actually really enjoyed the flavour of these, they just tasted like a slightly sweeter water with a hint of lime. All though there are teeny bits of charcoal powder in this that make the drink feel like it has a slight grit to it but you can only feel that in your teeth after, it's nothing un bearable.

Benefits of Blac.
This is an all natural juice which contains Activated Charcoal, which Is used as a natural digestive system cleanse. The charcoal activation process it goes through acts like a magnet for positivily charged toxins (acidic waste) in the digestive system. Blac. Absorbs all these harmful toxins like a sponge as our body naturally disposes of it.

Blac. can help with things like heartburn, Stomach bloating, while it aids in anti-aging and detoxification.

My Thoughts ..
I like the concept of this, and I think it's a really interesting idea. After using this for 7 days I did find I had less breakouts in that week.
It tastes really pleasant, i felt less sluggish and my tummy did seem quite a bit less bloated. I can see this kind of cleanse being great after the festive season, along with the 5 day juice cleanse for all those new years resolution's to be made. Or simply making yourself feel a little healthier after over-indulging at Christmas.

Juicetou Blac. Cleanse starts from £51 (7 days) HERE.

Have you tried the new Blac. Cleanse? Is this something you think you would try? I would love to hear your thoughts.

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