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PMD - Professional at home Microderm

Microdermabrasion is a special skin care procedure, which exfoliates the top layer of your skin to reveal a new healthy, layer which reduces the appearance of fine lines, wrinkles, enlarged pores and blemishes. This isn't like your basic exfoliating products, it's a lot more advanced than that.

This procedure can cost a small fortune at a skincare clinic - we are talking hundreds for one procedure, and usually you have to have more than one treatment.
That's where the PMD (Personal Microderm) comes in. This little hand-held device promises all those things in the comfort of your own home, at only a fraction of the price.

What's included in this set..

  • Instruction DVD
  • PMD Device
  • Plug
  • 3 body disks
  • 3 facial disks
  • 2 caps - one for the body disks, one for the face disks
Before you start using this system it recommends that you watch the instruction DVD before hand.

I think its great that you can also use this system on your body by using the larger disks, I started using this system on a Monday, and it recommends you do this once a week, so I do this every Monday without fail, and I even look forward to doing this as I love how it makes my skin feel afterwards.

There is a variety of disks included with the kit, these disks are the most important part of the kit as they are the things that actually do the exfoliating.. each colour has a different harshness for certain skin types. There is also a white disk that comes included inside the PMD device already, the DVD recommends you use this 'Training' disk on the first 2 goes just to see how your skin reacts to the treatment as the base of this disk isn't as harsh as the others.

What each colour disk is for
  • White - Sensitive/ Training disk
  • Blue - Sensitive skin
  • Green - Medium strength abrasion
  • Red - Maximum strength abrasion
On the DVD it suggests getting your skin used to the treatment by gradually working your way up the colours, at the moment I am still on the blue one, but next week I shall move on to the green.

The first time I tried the PMD
As suggested I kept the 'training' disk in the device.
It says to use this once your face is completely cleansed and dry, so after double cleansing before bed I patted my face dry and got started.

It says when using this to hold your skin taut and use upward motions, and not to go over the same patch of skin more than twice while avoiding open spots - just because things could get a bit angry and sore.

When I fist started using it, it felt very strange but NOT uncomfortable. The PMD kind of feels like a mini hoover on your face, it gently sucks your skin up slightly which' when using the upward motion at the same time catches your skin on the exfoliating disk.
It does feel rough but that is just what exfoliation feels like, and once I got the hang of the motion it was a piece of cake to use.

After I had done my whole face my skin was slightly red but not sore and felt very clean. I could also see a slight difference in my skins texture just from the first use it looked smoother.

I then went on with the rest of my skincare routine and I found that after using this my serums sunk into my skin way better.
Using this PMD is also proven to get more out of those skincare products you own for better absorption.

Overall thoughts and results
I always suffer from hormonal breakouts at a certain time every month, but since using the PMD I can honestly say this has really helped with the amount I normally get. They aren't the sore, under-the-skin ones I normally get either -just the small ones here and there.
I do also have some spot scarring on my face and I have noticed the appearance of these to be quite reduced after 5 weeks.
My skin is also more glowing because i'm getting more benefits out of my skincare after using the PMD! I love using my Estee Lauder advanced night repair after the PMD its a match made in heaven.

My makeup goes on way smother than before as it really exfoliates away dry skin, and evens out my skin tone. This PMD device is a little, skin care miracle worker.

Available for £150.00 HERE

Have you tried the PMD at home microderm? What are your thoughts? I would love to hear them.

*P/R Sample

Thanks for reading,
Love Zoe x


  1. I have win one of these devices. Cannot wait to use after your review x
    How often do you use this?

  2. Oh wow that's amazing!! Well done .. It's brilliant. I use it once a week as recommended :) let me know how you like it x


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