Monday, 12 October 2015

Hi Impact Brows - Eye and Brow Perfector


To me, brows are everything when it comes to makeup. They frame the face and can make or break your look. I don't know about you but brows are what I notice first about someone's face haha.
Brows never used to bother me years ago, i remember being at school and plucking them to an inch of their life - they looked bloody terrible and i never even knew about filling them in either.
My younger sisters where worse, i remember her shaving them once - OMG i know right?!

Gone are the days where thin, sparse, over plucked brows are 'in', it's all about the power brows now!

As i was a victim of the over-plucking-your-brows-era, growing them back was hard, even now i have patches that i just cant seem to get back. But thanks to wonderful brow products such as this Hi Impact Brows Palette that isn't a problem, as i can now cover them while making them look full and natural - no one likes that drawn on brow look either - eeek!

For my brows i have always turned to my beloved Anastasia Beverly Hills Dip Brow Pomade and nothing could compare to it - it offers precision and you can create a natural look by mimicking natural hairs with it.
I didn't think id come across anything id like as much, until i tried the palette by Hi Impact Brows.

What i like about this palette is the colour selection, there is a shade that will suit everyone, ranging from light to dark and cool tones to warm tones in one neat, little compact. Inside the compact there is even a decent sized mirror and a good quality brush (i think most of the time the brushes that come included with palettes are awful).

Shades L-R Ash, Spice, Mocha, Charcoal
The pigments of these powders are pretty impressive, I have tried a fair few brow powder products and I've never really got on with them. I think its because i found i cant get a neat precise shape with them and i have to keep adding layers on layers to get any kind of colour.
But because the Hi Impact Brows one has such a good colour pay off i find that i can get that sharp shape i like while still looking natural.

The shades in this kit are as follows ...

Ash - Is a cool toned blonde shade
Spice - Is a warm toned auburn shade
Mocha - Is a cool toned dark brown shade
Charcoal - Is a dark ebony shade

Swatched with finger L-R Ash, Spice, Mocha, Charcoal

One Swipe using the angled brush included - swatched - L-R Ash, Spice, Mocha, Charcoal

As you can see from the one swipe swatches above, the pigment is so smooth and great quality!

What I like about these colour combinations is that you can create your perfect colour by mixing them if there isn't a specific shade for you. The one that works best for me is Mocha.

Me wearing Mocha - Hi Impact Brows Palette
Another thing i like to do with this palette is create that 'ombre' brow effect by using a lighter shade at the front of my brow then half way through blending a darker shade in and making that colour more intense at the tail of the brow - I tried to show what i mean by drawing a brow on my arm haha......

i tried
For example on the front of this brow i used the lighter shade Mocha and then started to add a little of the darker charcoal shade to make it transition well, then using only charcoal towards the end of the brow. I think this can give a lovely look to the brows, i like to do this when i have a little more time on my hands to get ready which is very rare.

This palette also doubles up as an eye shadow palette, it's just perfect for travelling!

Hi Impact Brows Palette - £18.99 HERE

*P/R Sample
Have you tried Hi Impact Brows? What are your favourite brow products? I would love to hear your thoughts.
Thanks for reading,
Love Zoe x


  1. This looks like a great brow palette! I love the picture of your hand drawn eyebrow- it looks perfect!

    A Little Dose of Makeup

  2. I think you look AMAZING and I already had brow envy!! xx

  3. Your brows look absolutely amazing! xx

    Le Petit Trianon


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