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Cloud Nine - The Original Straightening Iron


I've needed a new pair of straightening irons for some time now, I have had my usual pair of GHD's for a good few years now and it was getting time for an upgrade.
Don't get me wrong they have done me good, but like anything else.. I have to always see if there is anything else better on the market today.
I was lucky enough to be contacted by the people at Cloud Nine, and they asked if i would like to try and review something from their brand, it was like it was meant to be!
I had heard amazing things before about Cloud Nine hair stylers, and I've seen plenty of hair tutorials on YouTube of people using Cloud Nine to give some beautiful hair looks, so i have always had this brand on my mind.

I opted for these straightening irons, as i was desperate for a new pair and i thought it would be interesting to see how they compare to the GHD.

When the Cloud Nine straighteners arrived i thought the packaging was beautiful! it came in a sleek black box with a metallic teal colour through the middle of it, this colour is also matched to the edge of the handy, heat resistant case that comes with it and the plastic heat guard. I thought this was a lovely little touch.
The Heat Resistant bag that's included with the straighteners is such a handy addition- after i have used my straighteners i slide on my heat guard and pop them in the bag for storage. It also saves them from getting dirty and the wire tangling up.

All the features my GHD had where pretty basic which was just an on/off switch located inside the irons. Whereas the Cloud Nine ones have that on/off switch inside the irons, and a heat control setting so you can set it as cool or as hot as you like from 100 degrees to 200 degrees. I like this setting because you can just smooth your hair out without leaving it poker straight on a lower setting, which also makes it better for your hair. I like to use a lower heat when I just want my hair looking a little tamer.

Like the GHD's these irons also include a built in hibernation mode which automatically disables them after being inactive for 30 minutes. I love this addition because i'm always whittling when i'm out thinking oh no have I turned them off or not!?
This nifty little safety mode saves you worrying and potentially burning down your house - the amount of times i have gone out thinking if I've left my irons on and gone back just to check is ridiculous haha.

I also like the way these and the GHD's have these swivel cords, it prevents the wire from twisting which could result in them breaking and not lasting as long.

Using these Cloud Nine straighteners make straightening my hair less of a chore, the polished, curved plates glide through hair leaving it instantly straight, glossy and smooth, in way less time than my GHD's. Its crazy how a pair of hair irons can make your hair look so much healthier and glossier than ever before.
Cloud Nine have really thought about everything with these, even the surface of the irons give you a nice grip when styling so they don't feel like they are going to slip out of your hand. The way the plates curve round stop your hair being caught and snagged out, as well as being perfectly designed to create more hair looks such as curls, waves and flicks with ease. Their plates are even mineral infused to give your hair extra gloss!

Curling Tip - The lower the temperature setting with these, the looser the curl, the higher setting means a tighter more defined curl.

So all in all, i think i prefer these to my GHD's if i'm being honest. It seems to me Cloud Nine put a lot of thought into their design and making them more multi purpose. I can see why these irons are award winning and loved by so many stylists.

Seeing how good these are makes me want to try more from them, I love the look of their 'The O' kit..have you tried it? i am quite intrigued.

I have also noticed on the Cloud Nine website they are starting to stock Christmas sets of these, perfect idea if you want to pop one on your Christmas list this year.

Cloud Nine - Original Iron - £129.95 HERE

*P/R Sample

Have you tried Cloud Nine? What are your favourite straightening irons?

Thanks for reading,

Love Zoe x

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  1. These look gorgeous! I've always been a GHD girl but looks like I might have been missing out :)

    Claire | Stylingo.co.uk | xx


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