Friday, 11 September 2015

Veet - Easy Wax Roll-on Kit

Many years back I tried an at home wax kit and I wasn't impressed at all, I got in a right sticky mess, I was left with red sore legs and barely any hair had been pulled out - all the pain with no effect, I deemed these kits pointless and haven't tried one since.
So when I was offered to give one a try again but in a roll on version as opposed to the strips I previously tried I thought why not! they are probably more likely to be a lot better than they used to be, and maybe I will have better skill at something like this now?! we will see..

This particular Roll-on wax kit is designed for all skin types and contains Shea butter to soothe and smooth the areas you wax. The roll-on device heats up the wax once plugged in and the roller gives a smooth, precise application so that means less sticky mess.
The packaging is also really nice and girly, I love how the device is shaped to fit perfectly in your hand with rubber grips so it wont slip out your hand, and the stand that is included is super handy when you go to use it so its not going to spill out anywhere.

What's Included..

Inside the kit you get ..
  • The hand held roll on device
  • Plug
  • Wax insert
  • Wax strips,
  • Finishing wipes
  • Stand to put the device in
  • Instructions
How to use ..

First of all you pop in the plastic wax insert into the hand held wax device, then you plug it in and let the wax heat up for a maximum of 30 minutes.
Then once its heated up you can get to work, I let my leg hair grow a little especially for this so it had more to grab hold of.

I rolled on the wax onto my legs in the direction of hair growth as instructed, it applied very smoothly and evenly. I then smoothed on a wax strip over the top of it, and in one swift movement ( in the opposite direction of hair growth ) while holding my skin taut, I pulled the strip off.
I'm not going to lie, it wasn't completely painless and certain areas of the leg hurt more. I also found that even after pulling off the strips I was still left with quite a bit of hair in that area so had to go over it more than once - Still after all that I wasn't satisfied and my leg couldn't take anymore.

When I got onto the other leg I think I got a little better with my wax on, wax off motion (Karate Kid anyone? haha), just because I could pull out more hairs with one strip. So I do think with this kind of thing it takes a bit of practise and getting used to.
Once my legs had, had enough I used the finishing wipes and rubbed them over my legs to get rid of any excess sticky wax residue.

After I finished waxing I went and had a shower and still felt the need to shave my legs as I still had  plenty of hair there, so out the razor came.

Having to use a razor as well as a wax seems a little pointless to me, I think I would rather just shave as it saves the fuss. Although my legs do feel nice and smooth, personally its a bit too much faff.

Afterwards my legs where a little smoother than usual and my skin wasn't left all blotchy and sore which was good as I expected it after going over the same bits over and over.

I'm not certain I would buy this again, but I may go and buy more wax strips to see if I can get better with my technique.

Veet Roll-on kit retails for £29.99 from Boots HERE or HERE

P/R Sample*

Have you tried the Veet Roll-on Wax kit? Have you tried at home waxing? I would love to hear your thoughts.

Thanks for reading,

Love Zoe x


  1. I have this but I'm yet to use it x

  2. Aww it sucks that it didn't work as well and that you had to shave. I hate shaving, I wish I could be a hairless mermaid aha!

    Daniella | Freshly Pressed Beauty

  3. Ah that's such a shame! I'm always on the look out for alternative ways to remove leg hair but I agree, having to shave aswell as waxing is too much haha

  4. I'm really glad I read this as I was looking at this! my hairs on my legs are too light for IPL treatment so waxing is the easiest way to permantly start to get rid of it! I suck at the technique as well really,I think i would probably rather just pay someone who knows what they are doing to do it hahaha!

  5. maybe it will work better for you, you'll have to let me know x

  6. Hahaha that made me laugh! don't we all x

  7. yeah me too, it was a bit too much faff to be honest x

  8. Maybe this kind of thing would work better on lighter hairs? mine are really dark and a pain to remove its possibly why I dint get on so well with it. Personally id go professional x


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