Thursday, 17 September 2015

Quay Australia Sunglasses Collection

My obsession for the summer has been the sunglasses brand Quay Australia, I had seen them about for a while on social media, their unique and jazzy styles are what drew me in but i could never get my hands on them as they where sold only in Australia- it's always the way.
Then one day I noticed my lovely Blogger friend Serene (from sporting a pair of Quay Shades in the style 'Lana' on her instagram, I commented saying something along the lines of oh my god you have Q/A glasses how the hell did you get those?! she replied - Topshop! so obviously I hurried over to the site and there they where. That's where my obsession Collection began...thanks for that Serene!

L-R : My Girl (blue&black), Kosha, About last night, Lana
I have always been pretty boring when it comes to sunglasses but buying Q/A made me come out of my comfort zone a bit more. I would never usually buy something so 'out there' but there is something about the brand that kept me going back for more...6 pairs later.
The quality are amazing, their styles are like nothing I've seen before and such a reasonable price point too. I found that popping on a pair of these automatically updated my outfits and I could match them to how i'm feeling that day. The Mirrored lenses and cat eye style sunglasses where so on trend this season, I kind of embraced it.

The sunglasses line up !

Q/A - Lana


This was the pair Serene had, and my first ever pair- I thought they looked gorgeous and I loved the cat eye frame with the pink/green lens unique.

£30.00 - HERE

Q/A - About Last Night

I was worried these would look too big, but I really wearing these, they look great when you have a casual outfit going on.

£30.00 - HERE

Q/A - My Girl (Black & Blue lens)

The 'My Girl' style are the ones I wanted most, they where always sold out then I spotted the black pair pop up and bagged them right away. The blue lens ones have to be Q/A best sellers and I can see why- the mirrored blue lens and the back cat eye frame just scream cool and stylish! this has to be my favourite style of the bunch.

AND guess what?! I've just found the blue lens ones are back in stock on ASOS! get in there quick as they go crazy fast...just thank me later.

£27 - HERE

Q/A Kosha

I love how these can give you that cool 'preppy' look. I haven't worn this style as much but I do think the shape and lens colour is really unique.

Think these where £27 but can't see them online at the moment, sorry.

So that's the collection, what do you think of Q/A sunglasses? What pair do you like most? and do you own any? I would love to hear your thoughts.

Thanks for reading,

Love Zoe x


  1. Oh my god, I've admired these for so long on Insta but also had NO clue they were sold in Topshop! I also assumed they were much more expensive than they actually are, so I'm definitely adding some to my collection (even if it is now autumn, boo).

    Claire | | xx

  2. These sunglasses are really cool. Can I just say that you look like Kylie Jenner on the 2nd photo, with the About Last Night sunnies? haha "My Girl" design is my favourite, though. It's one I'd definitely wear. x

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  3. Blooooody Gorgeous! I love The My Girl ones & Hello there Twinny sporting the Lana's 😎 I need some more sunnies & I don't care if it's not going to be sunny here in the UK anymore hehehe :D !!!

    Serene xo

  4. Those sunnies are all gorgeous! No wonder you've been developing a bit of an obsession! They all look great on you and seem like so much fun to wear.


    Something About That

  5. Amazing sunglasses! I've got to get some from Quay Australia - they have such great styles ! X

    Jasmine Life Blog

  6. Awh really! good isn't it! yeah and on ASOS too...I also assumed they would be pretty pricey but they are actually quite reasonable.

  7. Thank you! omg no way haha !! yeah they are my fave I love the shape of the frames.

  8. aw haha thanks Serene twinies lol!! yea it kinda sucks I have all these and the sun is going now. oh well will have to act like a diva and wear shades even when its dark haha x

  9. Thank you! haha hard not to isn't it! ill buy one pair and see another I adore then have to get them... its a vicious cycle haha. aw thanks so much lovely they are.x

  10. aw thanks lovely! yes you'll love them xx

  11. Silver Neverland is special, have you seen them? :)


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