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Get Glowing with Vita Liberata

If I was ever going to be scared of trying a beauty product, facial tanning would be it!..after all, you can hide a bodge body tanning job under your clothes, but when it comes to your face if its wrong you are pretty much screwed. Plus this specific one by Vita Liberata is a self tanning mask you leave on over night ..eeep! hence why I decided to trial this on the night before the day I wasn't going to leave the house - just because you never know.
The other product I have here is a self tanning bronzer, ive never seen or herd anything like it so I am excited to give you my thoughts on these.

Read on to see if it really was a disaster....
I have tried a fair few of tanning products in my time, but for some reason I've never tried anything from Vita Liberata before.. what is wrong with me?! the packaging is completely gorgeous and usually that's what grabs me right away.

Vita Liberata are the tanning brand that just scream luxury, from the sleek rose gold and chocolate brown packaging, to the amazing skin friendly ingredients inside. It's even been recently confirmed that Vita Liberata sell the cleanest self tanners ever tested by the 'Think Dirty' Independent product comparison app which is fantastic!- good to know that everything inside isn't going to give you a nasty rash, dry your skin or clog pores.

First up is the Vita Liberata Self Tanning Night Moisture Mask -

So as I said before, I was pretty worried about tying a tanning mask that you leave on over night.. all I kept thinking was - please, please don't wake up with an orange, streaky face...could you imagine haha?!

After cleansing and toning my face before bed I applied a generous layer of this to my face, the texture reminds me a bit of the Origins Drink Up mask, not too thick and not too runny. Also the smell is pretty un-offensive too, quite fresh and fruity NO BUISCIT SCENT YAY!
After applying I put my head on the pillow and dreamt for a miracle.

When I woke up the first thing I did was look in the mirror..please, please don't be orange Zoe!!

Much to my surprise my face just had the lightest golden glow to it, it wasn't streaky or orange and my face actually looked radiant, it was also lovely, soft and plump impressed!
I cant believe I haven't heard of this sooner, its just like the effects of the Origins overnight mask but with added glow.

Next up is the Vita Liberata Trystal Minerals - Self Tanning Bronzing Minerals -

This tub of bronzing minerals (shade Sunkissed) comes with a handy, ultra soft kabuki brush and inside the pot is a sift which stops you from putting too much powder on your brush.

This is a world first self tanning bronzer which is pretty damn cool- its a sheer, lightweight powder which is supposed to give a natural looking tan that lasts for days.

After I have used my self tanning mask I use this over my makeup, I put a little product on the kabuki bush and work that over my neck to blend in with the colour on my face then I used this for a neat little 'Tantouring' trick where I apply it using my contour bush in the hollows of my cheeks to give a contour that lasts for days.
I know the 'rule' is to use a cool toned shadow shade for contouring as opposed to a warm tone, but I find that this is perfectly inbetween - sometimes cool tones look muddy on me but I think this gives a great effect for that.

Sunkissed Swatched
Once I wash off all my makeup, I'm still left with a subtle glow thanks to the pairing of these two products!

Vita Liberata have made me overcome my tanning fears, and now these are something i'll constantly be repurchasing.
I can definitely see why these two are one of the top selling products from the brand.

Vita Liberata Self-Tanning Overnight Moisture Mask - £29.95 HERE

Vita Liberata Trystal Minerals - £35.00 HERE

*P/R Sample
Have you tried these?  Have you tried anything from Vita Liberata before? I would love to hear your thoughts.
Thanks for reading,
Love Zoe x


  1. These both sound amazing - love the idea of using the bronzer for a contour!

    Claire | | xx

  2. Ooh sounds interesting! I don't self-tan at all but sounds like this product does the job!


  3. I've never tried any of the classic vita liberata products but I've tried their NKD SKN range and I absolutely love it; great colour and it doesn't patch or anything

    Jade x
    Girl Up North | UK Lifestyle Blog

  4. I am so intrigued about the self tanning night moisture mask, what a fantastic idea and amazing that it works so well too. This sounds like a lovely brand altogether x

    Beauty with charm


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