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Gelled Nail Kit Review

Who wouldn't want a perfectly shiny, 2 week manicure in just 60 seconds from the comfort of your own home? this is exactly what the Gelled LED nail kit claims to offer. I have had a gel nail kit before by the brand Sensationail, I thought it was ok - it didn't last as long as I expected on the nails but the glossy gel finish was comparable to that at a salon.
When I was offered to test out this Gelled nail kit I thought it would be good to try and see how it compares to the other gel kit I own, this particular kit says there is no need for a basecoat or topcoat (unlike Sensationail) - just paint, cure and go.

I like how everything came neatly packaged in the little flip over magnetic box, the LED light that comes inside the box is designed to fit in all four fingers and thumb to save even more time when curing the polish. With the Sensational set you have to cure your four fingers for 60 seconds then the thumb separate.

Included in the kit ...
  • LED Lamp
  • USB for lamp
  • 1 nude nail colour
  • 1 red nail colour
  • Nail file
  • Wrap foils and orange sticks
  • Instructions

I tested this gel kit out on my brothers girlfriend and we came to find that fitting in all fingers and thumb in the device wasn't as easy as you'd expect. If you put all four fingers in they fit snugly in the groves inside the lamp, but adding in the thumb at the same time is another story, we where trying at different angles but we either risked smudging the other nails, or the tips of the nails poked out of the lamp while fitting in the thumb so they wouldn't cure.

We just stuck to four fingers first then the thumb after to save a ruined manicure.

The shades that come in this kit are actually lovely and I could see myself getting wear out of both! Paige (my brothers girlfriend) chose the red shade for her gel manicure.

Paige's nails where already shaped and prepped before we started, I started her manicure by painting a thin coat of the red shade on one hand avoiding cuticles so it doesn't peel- we then popped it under the LED light and cured the first four fingers for 60 seconds then the thumb and repeated with the other hand.
Then I went ahead and added a second coat to make the colour more opaque and glossy, the second coat made all the difference!
After curing the second coat I noticed 60 seconds where not enough so they went under for another 2 minutes.

When I had finished Paige's manicure they did look lovely and glossy, we where impressed with how nice the finish was.

When Paige left me I got her to report back to me on how the manicure was holding up, did it last two weeks like it claims?........Nope! it hadn't even been 24 hours and I got my first text to say one has chipped already.
2 days later and another 3 had peeled off, so not great and I've had normal nail polish last on my nails longer than that. Safe to say there was no problem taking off the rest of the colour so there was no need for the foil wraps and remover.
The Sensational kit still lasted a week longer on the nails.

Ill try this on my toes, polish always lasts longer there. I'm not really sure what went wrong, it could have been the application but I thought it was very precise, have  you ever tried this kit? any tips?

The price of this gel kit is the cheapest I've seen at just £39.95 HERE

*P/R Sample

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  1. I would love to try a kit like this, but it's a shame the results didn't last very long!

    Claire | | xx

  2. What a shame the results weren't great :( I love nail products and have often considered a gel kit but I'll see how you go if you try it again before splashing out on this one! Great post as always lovely, lots of love xxxx

    Zoe ♥ MammafulZo


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