Monday, 7 September 2015

August Favourites

In August I decided to switch up my skincare routine quite a bit, just because I was getting bad breakouts and thought it was time to try something new to see if anything could work better for my problem skin.
I have also been wearing less makeup and having more makeup free days to help, and lasts months favourites reflect that.

The products I really enjoyed and stood out for me in August where ..

La Roche Posay - Serozinc
I have heard nothing but great things about this Serozinc face mist, and the brand La roche-posay as a whole to be honest. I swear by their effclar duo serum its a firm favourite so decided to give a spray toner a go.
A spray toner is brilliant when you suffer with breakouts, because instead of using cotton wool and moving the product over your skin which can possibly spread infecions this is a fine mist that sinks straight into the skin while helping treat and prep the skin for a serum.
Its light, has no scent to it and makes you feel very refreshed.. sometimes I even spray a little over makeup in the day to revive me a little.

Hope & Glory Coffee
Yes! I'm adding coffee to my favourites.. because without coffee I would only be half me haha! I love the stuff -  the coffee revel chocolates everyone hates, I love.. coffee scrubs yep....heck i'd even rub it in my hair!
Drinking it I can be rather fussy though, I have tired a few filter type coffees at home and i've never came across one I like, until I got to try Hope & Glory's ones!
They taste just like ones you'd buy in a coffee shop, I had the espresso one but that's all gone now, it really helped perk me up for those early wake up calls and miserable Mondays.
If you like good coffee I really recommend these!

available HERE

Charlotte Tilbury - Lip Cheat - Pillow Talk
After hearing so much about this I finally caved into buying one, I now get why so many people love this shade.
It's a gorgeous rosebud pink and gives the lips a lovely natural pink pout that somehow makes them look fuller too when worn all over the lip.
I have been using this lip pencil alone every time i'm off out anywhere and people always ask what it is I have on.

Becca - shimmering skin perfector - Champagne Pop
This was part of my Sephora haul at the beginning of the month and I can now see why people love the Becca highlighters, I got this and opal - I love them both but i've been using this one a little more.
I love how this pink/champagne highlighter looks on my complexion. I own a lot of highlighters but I have nothing like this in my collection.
It applies beautifully, its buttery soft and super pigmented..amazing!

Clarins - Pure Melt Cleansing Gel
I ran out of my usual cleanser and wanted to try something different, I heard this was good and it was easy for me to get hold of in my small town.
So I grabbed this in my local boots and now I flipping love this stuff! you can probably tell as i've nearly used the whole tube and I will be buying another.
It does exactly what it says and melts away any makeup on your face, while feeling very luxurious as you massage the gel into your skin. Once I wash it off, my skin looks glowy and feels clean but not stripped.

Charlotte Tilbury - Eyes to Mesmerise - Marie Antoinette
This little pot of bronzey/ brown eye shadow is gorgeous and not like any other eye shadow i've tried before. It is a kind of whipped mousse texture that you can build up the colour intensity of once is on the lid. I add a wash of it to the whole of my lid then add more to the outer v and it can look like you have a few different colours on.. I love this when i'm in a hurry or want a simple daytime look just to make me look a little more put together without the effort.

Have you trued any of these products? What have your August favourites been? I would love to hear your thoughts.

Thanks for reading,

Love Zoe x


  1. I don't really drink coffee too much but I think that's mostly because I can't really make a good one at home, so maybe I'll try out Hope & Glory soon. My partner's sister is off to NYC soon and I am hoping she will be able to pick up Champagne Pop for me, hopefully it will still be stocked x

    Beauty with charm

  2. Jenny // thatnortherngal7 September 2015 at 21:26

    So many things in this post I need in my life - the Becca highlight is definitely one of those! I absolutely love Serozinc too.

    Jenny | That Northern Gal


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