Thursday, 6 August 2015

Flamingo Candles - The Melt Crowd Box - August

Every month this little box gets popped through my letterbox and I get so excited, Just because the brand Flamingo Candles seem to come up with the most fun and unique fragrances ever, and you'll see what I mean just never gets boring.
Before I even open the box I can smell all the amazing scents. In this months box the first thing I could smell was cakes..Yummy!

I love how they package these, they fit perfectly through your letterbox so there is no need to wait in for a parcel all day. Then once you open it you get 8 different wax melts that come in a cute striped pick 'n' mix style bag, which I always think is a pretty cute touch.

Inside the box also comes a card to show what is included in the August box, then on the other side Flamingo Candles also offer a very generous 20% off discount code to use for that month - Right, I'm going to say it .... good time to start getting some Christmas gifts with maybe?


The August Melt Crowd Box includes...
.Strawberries & Champagne
.Fresh Cotton
.Ginger & Lime
.Circus Doughnuts
.Green Apples
.Kir Royale
.Pomegranate Cider

So that cake scent I detected when I first got the box was Circus Doughnuts, and oh' my does it smell good!
There is not one scent in the box I dislike to be honest, but if I was to pick some favourites from just having a smell it would be.. Circus Doughnuts (of course), Strawberries & Champagne and Fresh Cotton.

As I said in my last post HERE they are great to use, they last ages as I only use half a tart at a time. Once you put it in the top of your oil burner it releases the scent throughout your whole room. I love how Flamingo Candles include a variety of scents in each box, from sweet to fresh and floral so there is bound to be something for everyone's tastes.

Also in the box this month I had a little surprise in the form of scent eggs!! I think I got this in my box because it was my third month of getting this according to the sticker that was attached anyway.

They are so cute and smell fantastic, I'm pretty sure you can burn a few of these scent eggs to make your own custom fragrance.
The scents I got where - Cherry, Summer fruit bowl, Orange, Peach and lime.

Such good value for money, and the perfect monthly box for you candle lovers.

Get The Melt Crowd box delivered to your door every month for the great price of £10, plus in your first month you receive a free wax burner.
*P/R Sample
Are you subscribed to The Melt Crowd? What are your favourite kind of scents? I would love to hear your thoughts.
Thanks for reading,
Love Zoe x


  1. Such a great subscription idea, the price seems great too x

  2. I cant wait to try these out. Everyone seems to be raving about them xx

    An Impatient Scottish Girl


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