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LollyRocket Candle Co - NEW 1Lb Candles and Wax Melts

A good few months back I reviewed a trio of candles (here) that I picked up from LollyRocket and so many of you went out and picked some up, so today I had to share with you some new additions to LollyRocket's ever growing candle selection.
They have now started selling a larger 1lb sized box candle, and wax melts and they really don't disappoint. If you tried the smaller 1/2lb candles I reviewed and thought they had a good scent throw, then just wait till you try these!

The scent I have in the 1lb box candle is Warm Vanilla Sugar and in the wax melts I have Strawberries and Cream, don't they just sound amazing?! now usually I find vanilla scents can be quite sickly, but this one has a delicious freshness about it. I spoke to one of the lovely ladies (Hayleigh) who makes the candles and she said she thought the Warm Vanilla Sugar candle smelt just like Soap and Glory's Scrub of your Life and I have to agree, it's pretty amazing! so this one is going to be loved by you Soap and Glory fans out there.

As for the wax cute do these look? each pack contains 6 wax melt stars that you pop in an oil burner to release a more concentrated scent throughout your room. On their website they recommend you use 2 stars at a time for a stronger scent throw, so I have got 2 in at the moment and it works wonderfully. When I have this lit so many people have asked 'what is that lovely smell' when they walk through the door. They also last quite a long time too!
The Strawberries and Cream scent isn't at all artificial scented either it has a very natural strawberry smell and there is definitely a creaminess running through it too. I really don't know how LollyRocket make their scents so accurate but everyone I have come across so far is just what I would expect them to smell like.

As always their packaging is lovely and simple so it fits in pretty much any home décor and they are keeping with their well known and loved vintage look. The candles come in jars that come with a beautifully designed label, each scent has a different positive saying, the Warm Vanilla Sugar one reads 'Think Happy be Happy' with an antiqued style, screw top gold lid.
The box these 1lb candles come in is a great idea because they make brilliant gifts, I think they make them look that extra bit special.

The other 1lb scents available..

Coconut & Lime
Wanderlust - "A stunning floral blend of Sweet Orange Blossom, Light Spices, Powdery Musk, Patchouli, and a hint of Spearmint"
Aloe and White Lilac

They also have a crazy amount of different scents in the smaller 1/2 candles with some new additions!!

Other wax melt scents available..

Black Cherry
Brazilian Coffee
Sweet Pea
Sun Washed Linen
Sunny Days
Vanilla Nutmeg
White Sage
Blueberry Camomile Tea
Moroccan Spice
Lime Sherbet
Baby Powder
Vanilla Buttercream
Lemon Merengue
Salted Caramel

The ladies at LollyRocket really put so much time and effort into making these candles, they are constantly thinking of new and exciting scents. Their selection is amazing you must check them out if you are a fan of candles. You get brilliant quality candles for the best prices too -
Wax Melts - £3 for a pack of 6
1lb Box Candle - £16
1/2lb Candles - £8 or 3 for £20 using the code 'GIVEME3' at checkout

I also spotted on their Instagram they are running another offer - you can get a free 1/2lb candle and a pack of wax melts with all website orders over £30!

Check out LollyRocket Here -

Website -
Twitter -
Have you tried any LollyRocket candles yet? What are your favourite type of candle scents?
Thanks for reading,
Love Zoe x


  1. I saw you post these on Instagram earlier and loved the packaging! I love big chunky candles as I like using the jars for my make up brushes. These would make lovely holders when they're all finished with! xx

  2. I absolutely adore the candle packaging! How lovely! Definitely going to have to pick myself up a warm vanilla sugar one!

    Rhianna | robowecop

  3. The scents of these candles really do sound amazing and I just love the star shapes and the cute packaging x

    Beauty with charm

  4. They'd be lovely for my new place. Thanks for sharing.

  5. Those candles and their packaging looks soo adorable! Thanks for sharing x

  6. Aw really!! They are amazing candles you need to check them out. That's such a good idea, I'll have to do that x

  7. They are so good! And great value too as they last ages x

  8. The packaging is lovely isn't it!!. Would love to know if you try it, the warm vanilla sugar is just amazing you'll love it I promise x

  9. These sound amazing and I wouldn't want to use the stars, they are way too cute!

    Anoushka xx

  10. Really worth a look, their packaging is so lovely and chic! I can't fault them x

  11. Oh brilliant! Yeah what a nice idea, they have some good offers so you can pop one in every room like I do haha x

  12. They are so lovely and really worth a look! My pleasure thanks for reading and taking time to comment x

  13. Abigail Lewis-Savage19 April 2015 at 21:53

    Looks like an awesome company! These are definitely going to be on my wishlist this month.

    Abi xo | Wanderlust Daydreaming

  14. Oh my gosh how cute are those melts?! I love stars xx

    Gemma ♥ | Miss Makeup Magpie

  15. thesundaygirluk18 May 2015 at 17:40

    amazing! I love candles so I'm going to have to place an order - a 1lb candle that is worth splashing out on! x


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