Monday, 27 April 2015

DIY Nails - Foil Nailcals

I posted about some DIY Nails nailcals a month or so ago (here), I got sent some to try and I loved them so much I went and bought a few packs of the foil ones.
Now I'm completely obsessed, they are so easy to use and they look amazing on! I posted a few nail looks on my Instagram (@zoelou_) and Twitter (@classicrouge) using these nail decals and they proved to be very popular, so I thought I would give them their own little post.

DIY nails have a selection for everyone's tastes, from jazzy sweet designs to stylish, holographic shapes. I could spend ages on their site and Instagram (@DIY_NAILS) looking for new nail inspiration.
These nail decals can be used on the skin as well as nails, and they work just like those skin transfer tattoos.

How to use -
  • Paint your nails with chosen colour or leave them plain if you like and leave to dry.
  • Cut out chosen design
  • Soak design in the water for a couple of seconds
  • Gently slide off the decal from the paper backing so it doesn't scrunch up
  • Press the decal on the nail and seal with topcoat
I used to spend hours practicing nail art, I just cant find the time now with 2 little ones totting about. With these I can now have awesome nail art without the mess and fuss! plus they look way more impressive.

The two packs of foil designs I have here are Making Shapes in Hologoraphic Silver and Mehndi in Gold. They look amazing with pretty much any nail polish colour- they can look really girly and feminine with a pale nude or pink shade, then really striking against a darker colour.

Here are some of the nail looks I came up with using these foil decals -

Mehndi Nailcals
The Mehndi nailcals include a selection of swirly paisley designs, lotus patterns and different sized dots.

These are originally gold but I flipped the decals over to show the silver side to match my outfit for that day. The nail polish I used here was Nails Inc - Fashion
Nail Polish shade - Victoria Beckham for Nails Inc - Bamboo White

Making Shapes Nailcals
The Making Shapes nail decals include a selection of overlapped triangles, half moons and different sized squares.

I used these nail decals over some Elegant Touch polished false nails in the style Jackie
Using the nail polish shade - OPI -Tomorrow Never Dies, with OPI - DS Magic over the top

As you can see there are so many looks you can create with these! I still have lots more in the pack left after doing all of these and some on family, so its great value for money.

If you are a fan of nail art I couldn't recommend DIY Nails enough, I am already looking online for my next pack or 2 of nailcals.

Foil nail decals £8 a pack HERE

Have you tried DIY Nails? What look do you like best? I would love to hear your thoughts.

Thanks for reading,
Love Zoe x


  1. I love these so much, talk about pinterest worthy! I've tried nail decals before but they were my little pony ones haha! I don't know what it is but something about having my nails painted blue makes me feel 100 times more fabulous :D Also I've got the same nails inc polish and they look gorgeous on that! Brb just going to buy some :) xx

  2. Aw thanks very much lovely! Haha ahh I bet they where cute though! I never usually go for blue I'm more of a nude shade girl as you can probally tell haha. But I see what you mean.
    The one that came with Marie Claire mag? Pretty isn't it! ..oh wicked I hope you like them xx

  3. These are so fabulous.. I really need to get my hands on a couple of packs! Also loving that first nail polish shade!! *swoon* xxx

    Kirsty -

  4. These look amazing and they sound perfect for me as I just have no patience to even practice nail art. Will definitely have to check these out x

    Beauty with charm


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