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Cocoa Brown Tan

I had always seen the Cocoa Brown tan range about, and heard lots of people sing its praises I just never thought about trying it. This is probably because fake tans scare me due to a few fake tanning nightmares in my time. I have mentioned before in another self tanner post, I found a self tanner I really liked and just stuck to it, that was the Xen Tan absolute luxe one.. but at £40 a pop it is a very expensive habit.
I just thought the more expensive the better results i'm more likely to get...false Zoe, FALSE!

When I posted an image on Twitter and Instagram of my Cocoa Brown goodies people couldn't sing their praises enough. I had so many people telling me how amazing they are and how much I will love using them. This excited me and I couldn't wait to slather it on.

Cocoa brown tan have quite a few products in their range, I opted for the popular 1 Hour Tan Mousse, Tough Stuff and Chocolate Whip.
One thing that gets me with self tanners is that awful biscuit scent and this doesn't even carry a hint of that, it smells beautiful actually- it is fragranced with a floral Gardenia scent which is really fresh. The Tough Stuff 3 in 1 body scrub and Chocolate Whip also have this similar scent - although I did kind of wish the Chocolate Whip smelt like Chocolate haha!.

My Cocoa Brown Tanning Routine

Step 1

Firstly I will prep my skin in the shower with the Cocoa Brown Tough Stuff. I will use this all over my body, concentrating on drier parts like elbows and knees. This product is really great at giving you the best tanning results because it smooth's out the skin, stopping your tan clinging to dry parts which can make it look darker and un-even.
It has a lovely fresh scent to it and tiny sandy particles inside that aid in that thorough scrub, it's also fab at removing that last bit of old tan. This is also oil free which is what you need before you apply self tanner.

Step 2

After i'm out of the shower I will dry off and then moisturise with the Oil Free Cocoa Brown Chocolate whip, again..concentrating on drier parts for a smoother application. This smells just like Tough Stuff, it's really fresh and light in texture so it sinks right in. I then squirt a bit of the Cocoa Brown 1 Hour Tan Mousse on my tanning mitt ( using a tanning mitt stops your hands staining and gives a more even application ).
Once the product dispenses it is a really light foamy mousse, not like any others I have tried that are more watery - this one is a lot more airy...kind of like a hair mousse.

I think this is a better formula as it doesn't drip everywhere. This also has an olive tone to it rather than an orange one, which is what you want unless you dig that oompa loompa kinda look?
Once I apply the mousse to the mitt I will start on my legs applying in even circular motions making sure I get every part of pasty skin, you will know if you have missed a bit because it will show up. I love tans that do that because there is nothing worse than spotting you have missed a bit once it's too late and developed.
I finish up with my arms then wait a few minutes for it to dry before I put on clothes, it does dry super fast.

You wait 1 hour for a light tan shade, 2 hours for a medium colour and 3 for darker. I left it on for an hour this time but I have also left it on for 3 hours before and every time I have had lovely results.

Step 3

After waiting for my tan to develop I rinse it off in the shower to reveal a lovely light golden tan, I then follow up with applying more Chocolate Whip to moisturise and pro long the tan to keep it looking fresh and fade evenly. It also keeps my skin really soft thanks to the added Vitamin E.

I was so impressed with my results, the tan lasts me a good week before it fades. When it fades I have to put it on straight away as I just love how this tan looks and how much more confident it makes me feel.

Before & After
I couldn't recommend Cocoa Brown enough and I now know why so many people love and rave about this brand.
The prices are just amazing for the quality you get, I now feel like I don't need to spend a ridiculous £40 on one.

I'm now off to re-apply my Cocoa Brown tan again, c'ya!

Tough Stuff - £5.59
1 Hour Tan Mousse  - £6.99
Chocolate Whip - £5.59
Or get everything mentioned here plus a tanning mitt for only £14.99 at at the moment... BARGAIN!

*P/R Sample

Have you tried Cocoa Brown Tan? I would love to hear your thoughts.

Thanks for reading,

Love Zoe x


  1. Lovely post!!!! Great photos.

    Check my blog

    What makes you beautiful

  2. I have a travel set exactly like this and I'm yet to use it because when it comes to tanning I am so scared I'll get it wrong. It doesn't sound like you had any problems applying it and achieving great results though so I really need to man up and get on with my first tan experience haha x

    Beauty with charm

  3. this is by far my favourite fake tan :)
    i love that it isn't as smelly as the others and I find that this one lasts longer on the skin and then when it does come off you don't get that horrible crackle look xxx

  4. Ooh do you! You need to try it, you'll be so surprised! I'm the same hun, fake tanners freak me out but this is easy and fool proof! You'll love it, thanks for the comment xx

  5. I can't believe how good it actually is ! It does last a good long while you are right, haha nothing worse than that crackle look. Xx

  6. You must, it's pretty darn good! X

  7. Ah I love this tan! The result looks fantastic on you. You've inspired me to dig mine out again! x
    Kate Louise Blogs

  8. abeautifuldelight19 March 2015 at 17:53

    Yay I told you that youd love it! Its such an amazing tan and the only one i repurchase now! Fab post hunni xx

  9. Tanning really scares me but this looks lovely on you! I love that it's inexpensive too, most tanning products I hear people raving about seem to cost a small fortune. I might have to get over the fear and try it out! xx


  10. I never get fake tan right - might give this ago since its fairly cheap :)


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