Thursday, 27 November 2014

Urban Deacy - Vice 3 Palette

The Vice 3 palette is one of Urban Decay's latest offerings, and when it comes to palettes they can do no wrong in my eyes. I kind of felt the urge to add yet another one to my collection purely because their eye shadow selection and formulas are faultless.
This palette was a lot more out of my comfort zone as it has actual colour!! not just browns, taupes and bronze but bright blues and pinks ...woah right!? - I just couldn't resist, it looks so pleasing to the eye and holds a whopping 20 colours.

I adore the way the Vice 3 is packaged, it has this bright watercolour effect going across the box, then it comes with a jazzy, matching makeup bag that fits the palette perfectly...with room for a lipstick and mascara.

The palette itself is quite large, square and made from sturdy plastic. The design on the front of it has the same vibrant water colour effect, but with a mirrored background and the word 'VICE' is embossed in a green, glass cut style plastic. I think it looks gorgeous and so unique to my other palettes.
Inside it has a huge, full sized mirror and double sided brush, the brush isn't the best, but I never expect too much from the brushes you get with palettes.

Considering how much out of my comfort zone it is, I actually haven't put it down since I got my hands on it. I love how versatile it is, there are so many eye looks you can create - for an everyday look I have been using the neutrals in the first left hand row , then if I'm feeling a little brave I will add a purple to the outer v and lower lash line, then smoke it out a bit.
I have yet to play with the pinks and blues (eeep!) but I do adore the more vibrant shades called Sonic, Bondage, Vanity and Brokedown.

The quality of these shadows are amazing, and each one is as highly pigmented as the other. You have your mix of cool tones, warm tones, shimmers and mattes. They have gorgeous soft texture and blend like a dream.

Now for the swatches..

L-R : Truth, Undone, Downfall, DTF
L-R : Dragon, Freeze, Heroine, Brokedown
L-R: Vanity, Lucky, Reign, Bobby Dazzle
L-R : Alien, Alchemy, Bondage, Sonic
L-R : Last Sin, Angel, Defy, Revolver
How good does Vanity and Lucky look together!? I can't believe how vibrant and beautiful these colours are! I'm really happy I decided to be brave and pick it up, it's nice to finally have a bit of colour in my eye shadow collection.
Oh and for those that have the Naked 1 palette - the shade Last Sin is similar to Sin from Naked 1, just slightly more of a champagne tone.

£42 but on offer at House of Fraiser for £37.80 at the moment.

Do you have the Urban Decay Vice 3? Is this something you would use? Are you brave with bolder eye shadow colours? I would love to hear your thoughts.

Thanks for reading,
Love Zoe x


  1. I love urban decay! Been thinking about this palette for a while! Love all the colors! Thanks for the review! X

  2. Great review! This palette looks so beautiful! Xx

  3. Ahh if you love Urban decay this is a must have! You'll love it! Aw no problem, thanks for reading x

  4. Aw thanks very much! It's a beauty xx

  5. Vice 3 is stunning. Definitely more than taupes! This palette is perfect for experimenting with color. :] // ▲ ▲

  6. This looks beautiful. I have the first two vice palettes so I'm really tempted to get this one too xx

  7. I have this palette and I' loving it! It's such a gorgeous range of shades! And you can create any look you want, it's so beautiful! x

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  8. I'm not sure I'd be brave enough to wear anything other than the neutral shades but I love that there's such a big range of colours :) xx


  9. I don't think I'm brave enough to use bright shades like this but the palette looks amazing! x

    i've got a MAC lipstick giveaway over on my blog if you want to take a look :)

  10. I love the look of this palette, there is really a shade for any look making it so versatile x

    Beauty with charm

  11. These colours would terrify me haha, I always think about being adventurous with colours then regret it instantly! I'd love to see something you create out of it :). Love how they present their palettes x

    tmzn loves | beauty blog

  12. Oh God, I'm in love with this palette I am loving the shimmery Shade Last Sin & Angel Gorgeous :)

    Serene xoxo

  13. Ever so colourful :) I really like the shades here especially Lucky, Sin and Sonic. Gorgeous palette! Urban Decay always impress!


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