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Motivational Mondays ~ Active Wear Feat ilu FitWear

I'm really enjoying writing up these Motivational Mondays posts, one again I have had an amazing response from you lovely lot! it makes my day when people tweet me saying that these posts have helped and inspired them in some way.
Today on the agenda is all about how treating yourself to the occasional piece of active wear can make you more eager to hit the gym, and gives you that extra confidence.. it sure works for me anyway!

I have bought my fair share of gym gear but have always been on the lookout for something a bit more special looking; something with colour but nothing too in-your-face, usually if I come across something I like its nine times out of ten out of my price range, or most of the time.. if its cheaper the fit isn't great nor is the fabric used.

The fit to me is super important; I've had bottoms that I used to jog in and I was constantly pulling them up while running and adjusting them to stop any know ..wedgie(s) cringe.. ha! not to mention a sports bra that just don't give great support either so your holding those puppies down while trying to run too, it just completely throws you off and yes i looked like a running disaster.
Also having a supportive sports bra is really important for obvious reasons.

This is where ilu fitwear come in, they have designed their active wear "especially for women who want to look and feel good with a lifestyle which blurs the lines between exercise times, everyday times and fun times. Women who want to look and feel good, whether in their workout clothes for a run, shopping and a coffee with friends, or even in killer heels for a glam night out."

Ok so right off the batt I don't think id ever wear this or any gym wear shopping and on a night out with the girls...BUT if you check out their website (I will link at the end of the post) they also sell more glamorous active wear, which at first sounds odd I think but when you have a look at their "get the glam look range" you'll see it is actually really is, you could most defiantly rock it on a night out!

The active wear outfit I have here is the ilu Sporty Compression Capri pants in the nicest bright turquoise shade which looks great with a tan and their Sporty Upliter sports bra to match, i love a matching gym outfit!

How cute is the ilu little logo!( i'm being brave showing some tummy here.)
The capri pants are 3/4 length and are designed to give ultra-support they are crafted for the perfect fit as they lift, hold and enhance your body shape while the colour contouring creates a slimming silhouette. These are sure to give you that confidence boost you need, also when I wore these on my run I found the fabric made me feel much cooler which is amazing as I felt I could do more, not to mention how well they actually fitted and sucked me in.The Sporty Uplifter sports bra is the same cooling fabric as the capri pants, and this is designed with a triple layer technology which gives the perfect uplifted shape and support. While wearing this I felt so much more supported and comfier than usual.

These are a pleasure to wear and I feel a lot more confident in these than I do in any other active wear I own (hence the tummy pic for proof of this ha.)

I am also thinking of buying another pair from ilu Fitwear because I feel lost without them when they are in the wash!

If you are like me and struggle with confidence when your either at the gym or out running, and you want something that's comfy yet stylish ilu is where you need to go, the prices are so reasonable too.
In the name of confidence its worth it!

ilu Sporty Compression Capri pants £35.99 ilu Sporty Uplifter sports bra £27.99

You can buy these from


Is ilu Fit Wear something you'd try? What are your thoughts?

Thanks For Reading,
Love Zoe x


  1. I've been wanting to hit the gym lately but I have absolutely no gym clothes! I'm loving the colour of these, this post really helped thank you! If I plan to but any in the near future I would definitely check these out!

    Hope you had a lovely Monday Zoe!

  2. Good for you! That's great, well I'd say ilu would be a great place to start they do so many lovely bits and the colours are awesome thank you hope you did too xxx

  3. Just received my order today and I love their stuff! really comfy too! I actually have a discount code for 20% off your first order with JFIT14 if anyone is interested!


  4. Ooh what did you get? The are so comfy and fit lovely don't they, aw thanks so much for sharing your code that's really lovely of you x

  5. Love the look of these! I've had a couple of pairs of Nike ones for ages which I love but they're getting too big (yay) now and need replacing... Do you find these go at all see-through? I've tried some cheaper brands and find that you can see my underwear through the leggings (never a good look) and they don't suck you in as well! Xx

    Kitty |

  6. They are really nice to wear actually :), yay that's amazing go you! That's a good question, no you can't see panties at all which is a major bonus haha I know what your saying XD lolzz xx

  7. abeautifuldelight19 August 2014 at 11:14

    Loving your motivational monday posts! These look pretty fab! Oh the running disasters a girl goes through eh?! Love the colour and design of these! Xx

  8. Thank you Abbie :) I'm happy to hear that , I was definitely a running disaster haha.. The colour is so cool isn't it! Xx


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