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GlamGlow Supermud Review

This Review has been a long time coming, there is a little story to this.. Basically a few weeks back I was having some serious spot troubles, they appeared around my chin and jawline and they just wouldn't budge what-so-ever, that's when I hit the net and did some research on spot clearing products and came across the GlamGlow Supermud.
I have seen GlamGlow masks around before but the price always put me off at around £49.99 a pot! so while I was on the GlamGlow site I spotted they did a samples kit you can buy, it includes..

x2 samples Youthmud - is the ultimate at home mud mask delivering a serious WOW facial treatment – feel the tingle as it works its magic on your skin. For when you need great skin and a glowing complexion in just 10 minutes!
x2 samples Supermud - is the world’s most scientifically advanced mud clearing treatment, created to help fight all common skin concerns…
x2 samples Thirstymud - is a 'Thirst Quenching Hit in a Jar' that defeats dehydrated skin - get youthful, energised and deeply hydrated skin with Thirstymud Hydrating Treatment.
x2 samples Brightmud - is a 3 minute instant eye treatment. The world's first tap-on-wipe-off eye product designed to work for Hollywood actors in just a few minutes, just before going in front of a camera on-set.

The Try Before You Buy Kit
I mainly wanted this for the Supermud but I was also so excited to try the others too, I already own the Brightmud eye treatment, this is brilliant.. but a review for another time ;).
I thought that if I bought it this way I get to see what I like best without splashing the cash on something that I didn't think id like, it was £17 for all of these samples on their website doing it this way is a great idea if you are unsure like I was.

But I'm here to tell you all why GlamGlow Supermud is totally worth it!
I ripped open my little sachet of supermud, painted it all over my face to let it dry for 20 mins, then washed it off..I couldn't actually believe my eyes !! I was astounded that a 20 minute mask would make such a difference to my troubled skin.

There was no way on earth I was showing anyone what was going on underneath this sachet!
That very same night after using it I hurried online to buy myself the full whammy, I was just that impressed, and no other product has ever made me feel like I needed it as this one did.

Lets get into the details now shall we?!

The first thing you will see is how beautifully packaged it is. The GlamGlow Supermud comes in a white hexagonal box with silver and black writing then when you open the box your greeted with a cheeky "Hello Sexy" on the inside..nice touch GlamGlow.
Inside the box lays the little gem itself in a very special looking white and silver tin to match the outer box.

It even shows on the box that it has won an Insiders Beauty Award 2013!

GlamGlow Supermud can be used to help with, Pores, Problem Skin, Blemishes, Pimples, Breakouts, Zits, Spots, Black and White heads, Razor Bumps, In-Grown hair. As I also said earlier its also world’s most scientifically advanced mud clearing treatment, that's pretty fantastic if you ask me.
It contains..
Acnecidic-6 - 4.4% AHA & BHA blend to balance your skins PH
Glycolic Acid - To help improve skins texture
Salicylic Acid - Helps de-clog and minimise pores
Lactic Acid - Helps pigmentation and skin collagen
Mandelic Acid - Helps aging skin and skin elasticity
Pyruvic Acid - Helps the effects of scarring
Azelaic Acid - Helps fight breakouts
Teaoxi - Eucalyptol, Linalool Oil and Flavoniods
Activated -x - Vaccum - Carbon Extraction
K-17 Clay - Extreme Toxin Encapsulation
Liquorice Root - Helps regulate problem skin
Eucalyptus Leaf - Helps Complications

All of these great properties in one little jar, surely it all seems worth the money now, just think how much you would have to spend to target these things with separate products? *wink wink* trust me to give you an excuse reason.

I apply Supermud to freshly cleansed skin with an old foundation brush (this made me use less product and helped spread everything out..plus no messy hands, Bonus!) while avoiding the eye area, paying more attention to any problem areas such as my chin and nose.
It is like your typical clay mask consistency, slightly thick and dark in colour. It smells just like liquorice but not too strong, I rather like it to be honest. I then leave it on for 20 minutes max and watch as it dries. While the mask dries it slightly tingles but nothing you cant cope with, it dries to a grey colour but your left with teeny black spots on it which is all the dirt/grime being pulled out of your pores..sounds gross but pretty cool at the same time as you know its really working (you can see it!).
Your face will also feel very tight and stiff which is to be expected with a clay mask, I tried to eat a slice of toast with this on and it was proven to be very difficult, obviously I was hungry and couldn't wait 20 mins haha!

It was pretty messy to wash off, but when I caught a glimpse of my face after....wow! my pores where smaller, the sore under-the-skin spots I had where way less red and sore. My skin looked much brighter, fresh and smoother... its that fantastic after just one application. My skin felt slightly dry after but nothing a bit of moisturiser didn't sort out.

I use this mask once a week and my skin has never looked better, i even use this as an on the spot treatment overnight and it works fabulously.

My other half isn't going to appreciate me saying this, but he loves this product just as much as me. He will come out of the bath room with this plonked on his spots before bed; then on the days when I go to put the mask on he has to have it on all over too, he's not into his skincare what-so-ever but he was as impressed at how good this product made his skin look, and i have to say his skin really does look so much fresher, smoother and brighter.
He's like "Zoe are we Glamglowing tonight?" ...(sorry Nick)

I cant rate this product enough! Thanks for making such an amazing product GlamGlow, it was really #loveatfirstuse.
I think I will re-purchase this forever.

Next on my Glamglow wish list is Thirstymud, the sample I tried was superb and so hydrating, it also smells amazing and coconutty which i love of course.

GlamGlow Supermud is £34.99 on Lookfantastic.com at the moment RRP £49.99

Have you tried anything from GlamGlow before? What are your thoughts?

Thanks For Reading,
Love Zoe x


  1. The sample set sounds really fab for if you're not sure if you want to spend the money!

    The price has always put me off with this mask, maybe when I have a job I'll think about buying it...

  2. I honestly think everyone needs to try it haha! The sample set is the way to go! There is bound to be some you like in the set, if the Supermud don't float your boat xx

  3. Sounds amazing! I really want to try Thirstymud, as my skin always feels so dehydrated :(

    xprincessjas | ♥

  4. I never knew you could buy the samples! That's such a great idea as I would love to try it out for myself! Beautywithcharm.

  5. Yea I know what you mean, that's why I was like let's try the samples to see if it's worth it... You'll fall in love though, I'd deffo recommend trying the samples first to see what you like ;) xx

  6. Thirstymud is gorgeous ! And feels so nice and soothing aswell as being super hydrating, you can use it as an overnight treatment too x

  7. Ooh you need to give the samples a go !Honestly, it's a brilliant way to get a feel for what your skin likes.. The brightmud I have is great for brightening your eye area instantly too xx

  8. I want..... def adding the sample kit to my end of month wishlist it sounds so good!


  9. Yea Claire you must!! Make it the top of your wish list ;) hhaha .. You'll love it ! Xx

  10. Sounds like just what I need at the moment, my skin is going crazy around the chin/jaw area recently too. Tried everything, might buy the samples and give it a whirl x

    tmzn loves x

  11. Aw no it's a pain isn't it, literally everything I tried never worked apart from Glamglow, definately have a go of the samples you will be amazed ... Let me know if you do it would be interesting to hear what you think :) xx

  12. It sounds amazing! Love that you and Nick do it together, cute! Xx

    Kitty | kittyhearts.blogspot.co.uk

  13. It really is Kitty! Haha thanks.. This post is killing his matcho-ness haha xx

  14. Aw hahah thanks .. What a moon head eh! Well when you get a chance to is definately treat yourself.. I think you deserve it ;) omg you are from East Midlands too!? I must tweet you imidiately !! Xx

  15. We really are twins as my review is going up this week sometime haha! I did EXACTLY the same... Tried one sachet and bought the full size within minutes. It's incredible xxx

  16. We really are.. The eyeshadow palette on the exact same day too 🙊 ! Ooh really can't wait to have a read Gemma! See it must be good if we both end up buying it the exact same night haha xx

  17. You've completely sold it to me, I now have to get the samples! I never even knew you could buy samples of glamglow, I have always been put off getting a pot of the mask because they are so expensive so this is a great way to try them out, thanks for this informative post x

  18. Aw thank you, that's great..the samples are a great idea! Then you can see what all the fuss is about and if you like it as much as me haha. It's super pricey isn't it, I can honestly say after trying it I didn't think twice about buying it. Let me know how you get on ;) aw I'm glad this post helped you thanks very much for your feedback xx

  19. abeautifuldelight19 August 2014 at 11:08

    Amazing post babes! This sounds so good! Now i don't know if to purchase the samples or this full sized product as you've pretty much sold both to me! Lol at Nick! Dan's just the same! We put nose strips on, on Sundays! Xx

  20. Thanks sweetheart! It is bloody amazing haha even Gemma from miss makeup magpie blog did the same thing .. Bought the samples and the same night got the full size of supermud , it's got to be good ;) I think if you have problem skin and suffer with blackheads and such this is your guy! X

  21. Catherine Delves3 December 2014 at 21:08

    Oh god Zoe you've sold it to me!

    Catherine xx

  22. Haha thanks for having a read hun! That made me laugh xx

  23. I really like the sound of the tester kit. What a thorough review, GlamGlow Supermud sounds so so good! Definitely adding it to my wishlist. Btw love your trick of using a foundation brush, why did I never think of that? Might get one from Primark and use that from now on to avoid messy fingers and use less product :) xx

    Ioanna | Hearting.co.uk

  24. It's a good idea isn't it! Awh thanks lovely, I'm happy you think so. It's brillaint! Ahh it's so much easier using a brush... You'll see ;) it really does save mess and wastage. Thanks for reading and commenting lovely xx


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