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Bumble and Bumble. - The Hairdressers Trio

I have been on the hunt for some hair care products that could help tame my unruly, frizzy dry hair for what seems like ages now, I have tried everything from L'Oreal to Morrocanoil, nothing really floated my boat until I got my hands on the Bumble and Bumble Hairdressers Trio.
I have seen these about for a while and was rather put off the hefty price tag ..as you probably know Bumble and Bumble ain't cheap!
I then spotted they had this set of miniatures on a visit to Boots one day and thought it would be a great way to start; if your a regular reader of Classic Rouge you will know how much I love the idea of mini-try-me sets like this, I just think they are a great way of giving a range a good go before you decide to commit to a full size.

In The Hairdressers Trio set you get a 60ml bottle of Hairdressers Invisible Oil Shampoo, conditioner and primer. It promises to Soften, Silken, Tame, De-Frizz, De-Tangle and protect your precious locks with their 6 featherlight oils in each product, so this is going to be amazing for anyone with dry/damaged hair like me.


To be honest with you I had never used or even heard of a hair primer before, I did some research and apparently a hair primer works like a makeup primer would by creating a good canvas for your hair products by making your style/ hair products last better.

Usually I don't like spending too much on a shampoo as I prefer to spend more on a conditioner or treatment as I feel I'm getting more bang for my buck, but the shampoo in this set is actually really lovely.. Its sulphate free and still gives an amazing lather so your hair feels like its getting a good clean.
The conditioner is beautiful and very nourishing, once I've shampooed I apply this mostly to the ends of my hair and leave it on for about 5 minutes instead of washing it straight off.. just so I know my hair is soaking up all the lovely oils and reaping the benefits.
After I have shampooed and conditioned I then wait till my hair is slightly damp till I spritz in the hair primer all over, I'm then good to add hair oils or serums..this primer is also a heat/UV protectant so no need to worry about that step now.

The scent of all the products in this trio are just gorgeous, like a sexy musky perfume (if you could make it into a perfume I'd wear it !) it really lasts a good while on the hair too.

Before I used this I was a little worried it would weigh down my hair and make it look greasy because of all the oils inside like the Morrocanoil one did :(, but this wasn't the case what-so-ever and I was left with silky smooth, shiny, gorgeous smelling hair, so I think it would also work for you fine haired people. This is probally what Bumble and Bumble mean when they say "featherlight oils".

Blow drying my hair straight/styling was a breeze and my hair looks and feels super healthy again, I loved the range so much I went out and bought the Hairdressers Invisible Oil- Hair Oil, so far so good! (review to come).

The only thing that's annoying about these try-me sets is that you may just like everything and want the whole flipping lot ( good bye moneys )*waves...
on the plus side though you only need a teeny bit of each product as they are pretty concentrated so they will last me longer..is that justified now ? ha.

I bought mine in a Boots store for £19.99 (cant find it online) Available from Escentual £19.50

Have you tried anything from Bumble and Bumble? What are your thoughts? I would love to hear them.

Thanks For Reading,
Love Zoe x


  1. I also saw this but didn't wanna buy them incase I fell in love with the products and had to regularly buy them (my bank balance wouldn't be able to hack it) x

    Beauty with charm

  2. I saw this, but felt like £20 was still quite a lot for the mini products and would either lead to me not liking them, or wanting them and not being able to buy them haha :)

    India / Touchscreens & Beautyqueens

  3. Yea haha that's exactly what happened to me haha! Damn it.. If you fancy a hair treat though these are your guys xx

  4. Yea it's still pretty pricey but I think they will last you a good few washes to be honest. Yes exactly haha so dangerous isn't it .. They know what they are doing ;) great for a holiday or if your going anywhere though xx

  5. I really want to try these products!


  6. These look so cute! I've always wanted to try a few bits from this brand!

    xprincessjas | ♥

  7. Maybe you should give em a go.. I think you'll like them x

  8. Don't they just ! :) same.. I've not tried a shampoo or conditioner of theirs before so thought it would be a good place to start xx

  9. Hristina Tcolova26 August 2014 at 21:53

    Ahh this is super tempting! B&B are super pricy though, but I might try the mini set and see if I like it, like you did. Besides, they look super cute!

  10. Bumble & Bumble are expensive in Australia too, but they're a brand that I wouldn't have an issue spending so much money on, especially if it seems to work so well. My split ends are pretty nasty and other super expensive shampoos only do the job for a day or so before they become fly-away-tastic once again. I'm trying to abstain from spending at the moment so that I can splash on the new MAC sets coming out, but come November I think I'm going to make this little hair care set allll mine!
    Sarah xo
    Diary of a Beauty Padawan

  11. My poor bank balance, I need this now!xx

  12. Yea they are pretty steep, but great if you fancy a little beauty treat! Such a good place to start with the sets xx

  13. I agree ! If it works it works don't it..yea these are really great and I'd say they are worth it too. oh are you, that sounds amazing hope you enjoy when you do buy them xx

  14. Haha Jessica ! I'm so so sorry #sorrynotsorry ;) xx

  15. sprinklesofstyle30 August 2014 at 22:52

    These are actually quite cute - it's nice to have the option to buy smaller sizes and try to see which works best for you! :)

    Layla xx


  16. I absolutely love Bumble and Bumble products ! Their Gentle shampoo has been my saviour ! I suffer from over treated hair and it's calmed my hair so I don't have to worry about treating it every day :)


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