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Mademoiselle Gabrielle - Exfoliating Mask

I was lucky enough to get sent this beautiful looking Mademoiselle Gabrielle face mask a few weeks back from the lovely people at Purenesse.
Pureness is an online store that offer high quality, natural and organic products from quite a few French skincare brands, and we all know the French have it down to a tee when it comes to skincare, so this isn't a bad little site if you fancy giving some new brands a go.

I had never heard of the brand Mademoiselle Gabrielle, so I did some research and read reviews before hand. I think its important to do this as you want to make sure its safe it is going on your skin. Here is a little bit about the brand..

"Mademoiselle Gabrielle is a natural, certified organic cosmetic brand created by Sylvie Moreau.
Keeping faith to the philosophy of the brand -‘Luxury is in nature’- Sylvie has created a range of high level, innovative products to guide and assist women in their daily beauty routine.
Combining smooth textures with delicate fragrances, Mademoiselle Gabrielle’s anti-ageing skin care line has the mission of fighting ageing and repairing and restoring the skin, while respecting the environment."

The brand sounds just lovely doesn't it? I'm all for natural and organic so those key words stuck out for me, especially as I suffer with sensitive skin.
After looking at the rest of their skincare line I instantly fell in love with their packaging, they are all beautifully presented with their chic pots and bottles with some being topped off with classy looking bows (classy bows I hear you ask..I may not be good at explaining but they do look classy, look for yourself you'll see what I mean!) these will just be begging for a space on your beauty cabinet.

As soon as I twisted open the little tin lid off the pretty glass jar, this is what awaited me inside...

Ahhhhhhh!!! B E A..utiful
Easily the most beautiful face mask I've ever seen if I'm being honest, Its so luxurious looking in all its shimmering, glossy gold goodness, I think its truly impressive and left me staring at it for a good few minutes.

Once you get past its beauty and apply the product it goes on like no other face mask I've tried as its like putting honey on your face, that smooth but sticky texture.
I apply a small amount on freshly cleansed skin with clean fingers, leave it on for 5 minutes avoiding the eye area, then wash it off with warm water, when its sitting on your skin for that time it starts to feel slightly warm I think it feels pretty nice actually.
This mask is great for those times where you need a instant skin perk up but don't have the time to wait around, because when you wash this off after just 5 minutes your skin is looking glowy and radiant.

The fact this product is an exfoliating mask and doesn't contain any beads or any other harsh grains is great for my skin as most can make it feeling tight and sore after.
This product just uses fruit extracts to gently buff away dead skin which is amazing! I have tried quite a few exfoliating masks and this is the only one I have tried that seems to make my skin feel hydrated and soft ,they usually leave my face pretty dry.
These kind of masks are great for brightening skin and that's what its best at , but it does also help spots and prevent further breakouts which is why my sorry skin is loving this right now.

The Mademoiselle Gabrielle exfoliating mask contains such wonderful skin-loving ingredients too such as..
Sunflower oil: Nourishing the skin
Aloe Vera: Hydrates and soothes the skin
Betaine salicylate: combination of salicylic acid and betaine has exfoliating and pore cleaning properties
Papaya fruit extract: exfoliating properties, improves the tone and texture of skin
Vitamin E: Antioxidant, protects and repairs the skin

Last but by no means least, I have to mention the scent of this...oh my... it has the delicate scent of caramel/toffee and makes me feel like licking it off (but I wont because that's flipping gross).
You just need to give it a go to see what I mean ;).

The price is very reasonable at £19.75 for 50ml of product.
Available from and find them over on Twitter

Also check out Mademoiselle Gabrielle's Website and Twitter.

I have also noticed that Purenesse are running an offer till the end of July across their website using the code JULY at checkout, so get in there quick. I have my eye on the Mademoiselle Gabrielle Sublime Oil Serum next, I had a teeny sample of this along with the mask and its just beautiful.

What are your thoughts on this mask? Have you tried anything from Mademoiselle Gabrielle?

Thanks For Reading,
Love Zoe x


  1. Sounds interesting and I love the fact it looks like liquid gold.

  2. It's actually really lovely and gentle! It looks beautiful don't it xx

  3. Sounds super lovely! The fact its scent is caramel/toffee, makes me want to purchase this immediately!

    xprincessjas | ♥

  4. Ooh it really is such a luxurious treat, it makes you feel so spesh using it.. You should treat yourself the scent it fantastic and makes me feel hungry haha xx

  5. Charlotte MacDonald-Gaunt30 July 2014 at 12:08

    I love the color and the texture of it - definitely one to try :o) Xx

    Makeup by Candlelight

  6. It looks amazing! Yea the texture is pretty fun actually, you must try :) xx

  7. This sounds amazing and looks gorgeous. Need to try this

    Beth x

  8. Thanks lovely, it is pretty swish looking isn't it xx


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