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Benefit b.right Radiant Skincare Review

For those of you who want to delve into the Benefit skincare line, but don't want to fork out on something you may not like this is the thing for you!
The Benefit b.right (great play on words there) radiant intro kit consists of 6 miniature sized products from their range.
I think little sets like this are a brilliant way to try a bit of everything from a brand so you can see what's worth committing to and what's not, that's exactly why I decided to purchase this, I have heard so many good things about their skincare line I just couldn't decide what to get first (probably because I'm the most indecisive person in the world).
You need to take a moment to appreciate the packaging?! you'll want these out on your dresser for sure! some of them look like little vintage bottles with a cork style lid, they are seriously perfect! is it me or do Benefit always seem to have their packaging down to a T where it just has to be out on display?

First up for the review is..

Foamingly Clean - Facial Wash
I use this one in the mornings because this isn't the type of wash you would use to take your makeup off at night, its quite thick and creamy with a slight pearlescent sheen to it, I guess that's why it has such a brightening effect to the skin. After I have used this my skin feels squeaky clean and looks super radiant.
It doesn't have an offensive scent to it, its quite mild, fresh, yet girly I personally really like it.
This product's only down fall is the fact it really stings your eyes if you accidentally get any in states on the little information booklet that's included to avoid the eye area, so if you get this please do so because it really flipping stings!

Would I buy this full size? - Probably not just because I would prefer one that is gentler around the eyes ( I have really sensitive eyes)

Moisture Prep - Toning Lotion
After I have cleansed, this toning lotion gets swept over my face with a cotton pad, I think this one is absolutely brilliant and not like any other toner I've used, instead of leaving my skin feeling tight and slightly dried out like most toners can, this one is a lot more gentle and seems to add moisture back in while leaving your skin really refreshed, it also allows you to reap more benefits from your serums/moisturisers.

Would I buy this full size? - Definitely

Total Moisture - Facial Cream
This Moisturiser is beautiful, it delivers instant hydration which is perfect for those dry skin days its also a lot ticker than the other moisturiser in the b.right line so i tend to use this as my night time moisturiser;  i can see this easily becoming a skin care staple in the colder months when my skin needs an extra helping hand. It sinks into the skin nicely and leaves it lovely glowy and smooth.

Would i buy this full size? - Yes

Its Potent - Eye Cream
I absolutely adore this eye cream, and its easily one of my favourites from the range. Due to having the most sensitive eyes a lot of eye creams ive tried have left them all red, sore and blotchy yuk! so i steered clear from them for a while; until i found a few that work for me..this being one! (new blog post idea maybe?)
This patcular eye cream is the most moisturising one i own, its a lot thicker than most and so soothing
around my delicate eye aerea which makes such a lovely change. I find this really brightens up the aerea too, could this be due to the peachy yellow colour of it?

Would I buy this full size? - already in my shopping basket!

These two are so lovely and rich - great for dry skin

Refined Finish - Facial Polish
This is a facial scrub/ exfoliator, its supposed to help minimise pores and brighten the skin. Well it certainly brightens but i cant comment on the pore minimising effects as of yet..i guess its something ill only notice on continued use.
Im not usually a fan of exfoliating products that have hard beads in it as i find it can be a bit too harsh so i usually opt for a chemical exfoliant .. this one on the other hand is a lot more gentle, i don't know if its because its not chocka block full of beads or its because the beads are so tiny, either way its a lot more pleasant to use. This facial polish has the same thick consistency and pearlescent sheen to it as the Foamingly Clean does this probably helps toward the brightening effects on the skin. This has also really helped with clearing any blemishes I've had recently

Would I buy this full size? - Maybe if I fancied switching up my skincare routine a bit.

Triple Performing - Facial Emulsion
I use this one as my day moisturiser, as its lovely and light yet super hydrating, also the perfect kind of moisturiser for the warmer months.
Its oil free, contains SPF 15, and magically helps to capture and maintain the water on the skins surface thanks to the special tri-radiance complex.. sounds snazzy eh?!
This also makes a great base for my makeup in the morning as it leaves my skin looking all bright and fresh without any signs of greasiness.

Would i buy this full size? - Definitely

You can purchase this 6 piece try-me kit from Look Fantastic for only £14.50 
Or if you fancy winning this set you could also enter my giveaway HERE 

What do you think of try-me kits? Have you have the Benefit skincare line a go? What are your thoughts?

Thanks For Reading,
Love Zoe x


  1. I've been wanting this for so long now!
    The kits actually really well priced for benefit.
    Great review :)

  2. I love the eye cream, i use it most nights!

    xprincessjas | ♥

  3. I've got some samples of the emulsion and the eye cream and I love them :) Great post! xx

  4. I've been eyething this up on ASOS for ages now! From what you've said may just look into the eye cream!! Great review!

  5. Anything by Benefit is on my wishlist, but I like the idea of getting some smaller versions to try before I buy big versions so I don't end up with tons of stuff I wont use. I guess it's better for the environment that way too.

  6. Me too that's why I decided to give it a go, I definitely see what the hype is ! You should give it a go ;) x

  7. Good Idea isn't it! Treat yourself ;) the eye cream is amazing.. Aw thanks so much xx

  8. Aw haha beauty blogger problems eh! The eye cream is brilliant.., I tried the serum the other day it feels fabulous on the skin, I think that could be another winner x

  9. Benefit is one of my fave brands! You should give them a go, mini kits are the best to give everything a go before investing, yes I never though of it like that so true! X

  10. I have only ever tried the benefit Total Moisture Facial Cream but I loved it. I'm keen to try the eye cream as well. Great review of their skincare line. I love reading about skincare for some reason!

    Sarah | Bows & Pleats

  11. Thanks Sarah! That one is amazing isn't it, i want to try their serum next it sounds amazing, the eye cream is definitely worth a try. I know what you mean I'm so into skincare at the mo xx

  12. India Benjamin27 July 2014 at 11:53

    I've only tried the It's Potent eye cream, and I agree it is really good but it stings so much if you get it in your eye!

    India / Touchscreens & Beautyqueens

  13. I love that eye cream! It's brilliant ooh yes that cleanser really stings oweey ! Xx


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