Tuesday, 10 June 2014

A Weight Loss Journey - Exercise (pt1)

Hey everyone, i know this isn't my usual kind of post but i have decided to add a few health and fitness related posts to my blog, after all beauty starts from the inside right?!

I started my weight loss journey after having my two beautiful boys- Alfie is nearly 3 now and Charlie is 15 months so i had them pretty close together and in that time annoyingly i gained a bit of weight and my body just wasn't the same, i had managed to gather a nice load of stretch marks along with a scar from where i had my c-section's, but i guess this is all part and parcel of having babies.

So after i had Charlie i had to wait about 6 weeks before any exercise as i had to let my scar heal,and in that 6 week period i was starting to feel a bit crappy about how my body looked i felt very low and self conscious so i thought instead of moaping around i should do something about it, and that's when my journey began. When those 6 weeks where up i started on the treadmill and id run for about 15 mins at a rough speed of 6mph a very light jog but it was a start, id do this every day and gradually build up my speed so i was comfortable and i could also push myself more.

Then i started mixing in Jillian Michael's 30 Day Shred into my workout routine as i knew it would be good to add in some exercise that wasn't just cardio, then this way i would be sculpting and toning my body. When i finished that DVD after the 30 days i saw a big change my stomach was getting definition and i was looking alot more toned and this just spured me on even more as i was seeing results and i felt so much happier in my own skin!
After each 30 Day shred session i would also make sure i have something high in protein to eat or a protein shake, i find that's important after a good workout as it helps repair muscle and it to grow back leaner.

I'm still today on my weight loss journey i would like to loose 1 more stone but overall along with eating clean (this is most important and pt 2 of the blog post) i have lost 4stone which I'm pretty proud of, i weigh myself weekly and some weeks i would see no change which frustrated me as i worked my butt off but then some weeks it would be 4lbs but Ive come to realise that seeing no change on the scales could be purely because you've gained muscle (muscle weighs more than fat) so i bought a fat analyser scale to help record this.. and i would also use a tape measure to see where Ive lost inches to make me feel a bit less dis-heartened. I have recently bought a Diet Doodle Diary to help keep all this on track and I'm loving it so far.

The Diet Doodle Diary £2.99 from The Works (book shop)

Motivation and Dedication is key -  if you want it bad enough then there is no reason you cant do it, if i can so can you :).

I found taking progress pictures of different angles of your body every month helped motivate me more too.

I am so much fitter than i was before, i can now run for an hour or so on an average speed of 9mph which would have killed me before, its made me feel a happier person overall and i cant see myself stopping.

What im doing now
The workout DVDs have all been completed so i am now on the Nike Training Club app..this is brilliant you need to try it if you haven't, they are really supportive over on Twitter too- @nikewomen , give them a follow.
I am also running 5 days a week for an hour or so when the boys are asleep.


 The Nike Training Club App

Also i need to mention using weights during exercise is a brilliant way of building lean muscle..so i always try to up my weight so i can see some change in my body..it adds resistance to give your workout more of a challenge.

Now I'm just on the hunt for some nice new running trainers, any suggestions?

My next part of this post will be about eating clean.

Sorry about the long post guys ... my journey is a long one, but well done for getting this far !

Are you happy to see more health and fitness posts? do you have any motivational tips?

Thanks For Reading 

Love Zoe x


  1. This is awesome. Many people don't realize that to lose weight you can't just do cardio, you need to include strength training to replace the fat with muscle. Keep working hard toward your goal and you'll be get there very soon.

    1. Aw thank you how nice ! I did my research haha cardio is good for the general weight loss but when it comes to toning it's all about strenth training :) I will do, thanks for your lovely comment x

  2. Love this! Well done on losing 4stone so far thats absolutely amazing!! Can't wait for your eating clean post - I've been making some big changes to my diet lately so I'm interested to see what you do! Keep up the good work girl! Xx

    Kitty | kittyhearts.blogspot.co.uk

    1. Thanks lovely :) aw well even more reason to write it then thank you! Have you!! That's fab you go girl xx

  3. That doodle diary is so so cute I want it! I'm also trying to shift a few pounds before my holiday! I love the myfitnesspal app!


    1. It's pretty cute isn't it :) ooh nice well the best of luck! I use that app too it's brilliant x

  4. I used to do the 30 day shred and loved it! You should check out LDN Muscle's Bikini guide, it's great! Danielle xx


    1. It's brilliant ! Ooh what's that? sounds good, I will check it out thanks x

  5. Ive just downloaded the Nike app and I love Gillian's 30 day shred really need to start doing it again that for the bit of motivation
    New follower on Blogluvin
    Carrieanne xx

    1. Have you ! It's great isn't it :) yea I love the 30DS I even got my partner doing it and he loves it too haha, aw thank you I will check yours out :) x

  6. Love this post! I can't believe you've lost 4 stone babes, that's amazing! I need to get back into clean eating and fitness too, so I can't wait for your next post :) xxx

    1. Ahh thanks so much ;) ah I've seen your latest post Abbie and you really don't look like you need to do anything .. Perfect figure :0 xx


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