Monday, 30 June 2014

Benefit - Watts Up! (Review)

Benefit Watts Up! is a beautiful ,champagne coloured cream highlighter and has been on my wish list for what seems like a lifetime, i kept putting it off because of the steep price tag at £24.50 but my inner beauty addict kept telling me i needed to give it a go nagging away at me till i clicked purchase..i had to stop the nagging didn't i ;).

Benefit's Description
"Our Delicate champagne sheer highlighter smoothes on a sweet glow that's gorgeous. With a cream-to-powder finish..its a switch-on "wow" for all complexions. Flattery operated, you ll adore the smooth applicator & luminous sheen."

Excuse the scratches on the box :(

Wednesday, 25 June 2014

Max Factor - Excess Volume Mascara

I find myself constantly raving about this Max Factor Excess Mascara all the time, and i think its about time i wrote a post on this absolute gem. (I'm not me;))

I have the worst, short -yet -straight eyelashes ever so mascara is a must otherwise i look as if i have none and its quite a weird sight, i tell ya! I always seem to be looking out for the next best mascara that promises the world..length,volume, separation..heck arnt we all? I have tried so many on the market and none have floated my boat as much as this one, and here's why..
After curling my lashes i use step 1 of the double ended mascara this gives me instant volume, length and perfect lash separation, usually it takes so many coats of a mascara to get the length i want, then by that time they are a big clumpy mess.. spider lashes anyone?

Monday, 23 June 2014

A Weight Loss Journey - Healthy Eating (pt 2)

Here it is as promised, my part 2 of this post - My Weight Loss journey - Exercise (pt 1)
I am by no way shape or form a professional on this subject, but i am here to
just let you know what works for me.

While exercise is important if you want to loose weight, the biggest factor in weight loss starts in the kitchen. I'm not one to count calories i just try to make the right choices by making certain food switches such as swapping white bread, rice and pasta to whole grains, eating more fruit and veg then staying away from the junk but allowing my self one day off a week to eat what i want.

Wednesday, 18 June 2014

MAC Lip Pencil - Whirl

This Particular lip pencil has been making an appearance alot lately over all sorts of social media, purely because this is the said lip shade that Kylie Jenner Supposedly wears.
Kylie Jenner is definitely having a "beauty moment" and rightly so, she has this edgy/slightly grungy look but still looks gorgeous and glam! i just love this kind of look, so she is a slight makeup icon for me right now.
Her makeup is always on point in my eyes, with her long fluttery wispy lashes to her lovely matte brownish/ mauve lip colour, i think they just compliment each other perfectly.

So like everyone else, i had to go on the hunt for this unique looking lip shade and and here it is - Mac Whirl.

Monday, 16 June 2014

Liz Earle -* Limited Edition * - Hot Cloth Cleanser (Review)

Liz Earle Cleanse and polish is one of the biggest cult products out there, with its countless awards and millions of fans its deserves all the recognition it gets, as this cleanser is truly special.

My love for this product started after reading all the wonderful reviews over the net, and the beauty blogger in me had to give this a go to see what the fuss was about..i have never looked back since, and me being a  beauty magpie, i feel that i have to try whats new on the market as i just love trying new things, but i can honestly say i always go back to my trusty Cleanse and Polish.

Tuesday, 10 June 2014

A Weight Loss Journey - Exercise (pt1)

Hey everyone, i know this isn't my usual kind of post but i have decided to add a few health and fitness related posts to my blog, after all beauty starts from the inside right?!

I started my weight loss journey after having my two beautiful boys- Alfie is nearly 3 now and Charlie is 15 months so i had them pretty close together and in that time annoyingly i gained a bit of weight and my body just wasn't the same, i had managed to gather a nice load of stretch marks along with a scar from where i had my c-section's, but i guess this is all part and parcel of having babies.

Friday, 6 June 2014

A Birchbox Subscribtion Review

Firstly i would just like to put it out there that i have not been paid to do this post by Birchbox or anything, i just want to share with you my overall thoughts on this brilliant beauty box.

I have been a monthly subscriber to Birchbox now for 8 months, i joined after not being too happy with another Beauty Box brand i was with (and i was only with them for 2 months).
After constantly seeing Birchbox Beauty Boxes pop up on my instagram feed and how fab they looked, i decided to cancel my old box and join Birchbox, and boy I'm so glad i did !

Wednesday, 4 June 2014

M.A.C Pink Plaid Lipstick - Dupe

Well everyone loves a good Dupe don't they?! and i think i may have discovered a few in my lipstick stash, Pink Plaid lipstick by M.A.C (Matte Finish) is a shade i have been picking up on a regular basis the last few weeks, its beautiful shade of pink almost a powdery, muted shade with a teeny hint of purple in there, i prefer this kind of pink as its less "barbie" and looks a bit more classic.
Mac Pink Plaid, amongst 2 other drug store  lip swatches
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