Wednesday, 5 February 2014

January Favourites

So here are my favourites for the month of January..

Revlon Blusher - Haute Pink 002
I was browsing the Revlon counter in boots a few weeks back as you do, and this blush just jumped out at me, after a quick swatch i knew that beaut had to be on my face ...well just my cheeks.
Its such a pretty punchy pink and i find it just brightens my complexion with the lightest swipe, its really pigmented so i mean light handed ladies unless you like that slapped across the face look. This shade gives such a pretty finish too it just has a nice glow about it as you may see from the below swatches (no glitter just a nice satin finish)...this was my first Revlon blush and i don't think it will be my last as i have worn this every day since i have had it, its a beauty!

Loreal Ever Riche Shampoo and Conditioner- Nourishing and Taming
I have tried pretty much all of the range from the Loreal sulphate free line and i cant praise it enough, they are all brilliant, the Ever Riche ones are the ones i have on the go at the moment and id say these particular ones have the nicest perfumed scent that lingers i cant explain the scent but its a sexy one haha...its soo nice!
(i just described a shampoo and conditioner as sexy..what?!)
I'm picky about what i use in my hair and can be a bit of a hair snob at times as i did go online and buy me some Morrocanoil shampoo and conditioner which i think cost me something like £17 each eep.. and i can honestly say i prefer these.
They make my crazy dry hair silky smooth and shiny i definitely recommend you try these if you haven't already.

Seche Vite - Dry Fast Top Coat 
Where do i start..this is the god of nails!
I have re-purchased this about 8 times and its pretty expensive at about £9 but every time i go try a cheaper topcoat it just doesn't compare, and seen as i spend so much on nail polish it makes sense to get a good topcoat to make them last longer on my nails anyway (justified?).
This is so amazing i just put one generous coat over my polish and it drys so much faster, it looks like I've had a gel manicure and it makes the polish last so much longer... and my nails also feel stronger this is for me a HOLY GRAIL item.

Garnier Micellar Cleansing Water
This is a pretty new product out there, Micellar waters are ever growing in popularity since Bioderma and the easier one for us brits to get hold of.. Loreal's version then i spied this one thinking for a second it was a bioderma.
I have used the Loreal one and i think i prefer the garnier just because the bottles better as its easier to dispense and you get more bang for your buck. I use it before my cleanse at night to get rid of most my makeup then follow it with my Liz Earle cleanse and polish (it also helps with how mucky the muslin cloth gets) it works really well, its refreshing, it gets rid of makeup nicely and most importantly doesn't sting my super sensitive eyes.

No7 - Overnight Radiance Boost
I wont say too much on this as i have just recently reviewed it all on its own HERE

Thanks For Reading

Love Zoe x


  1. Fab post hun :) I've not even got round to doing a monthly favourite yet, I'm thinking maybe I should start!...Love the blusher, when I got mine it was between this and the plum one, but I wish I'd got this now as it looks beaut! I've tried the shampoo and conditioner but the pink/purple coloured one, not sure what it's called but I loved that one so may give these a try too! The Seche vite is so justified haha and I finally found the Garnier Micellar water today, which I clearly needed :p as I'm nearly out of my Loreal one, I love how using a micellar water before cleansing stops my Liz Earle cloths from getting so dirty too haha there such a pain to wash, once there's mascara on there, it ain't coming off. So glad your doing regular posts again hunni, I'm loving them xxx

    1. Ooh you should I love reading monthly faves oh blimmin Ek haha I looked at the plum one !! Glad you found the micellar water , haha your so right that mascara is there for life ! Thanks so much lovely and I'm glad I'm doing it too :) xx

  2. Blusher looks SO pretty! I can see myself getting that now and I'm blaming you!
    Really like the sound of the shampoo and conditioner too but my hair goes all kinds of crazy (as in, green haha) when I try and use anything but my purple shampoos :'(
    Seche vite really is just love xx

  3. Haha aw well if you do hope you like it , it's such a lovely colour, oh gosh that would be annoying bless ya! Can't beat Seche vite xx


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