Thursday, 30 January 2014

No 7 Overnight Radiance Boost

I would like to start by saying thank you to my friend Abbie from A Beautiful Delight for giving me a kick up the backside to carry on with my laptop has been stopping me in anyway it could by either turning itself off mid post or crashing and i just lost the patience with it.. yep i need a new one! but after getting some one to have a little look at it to help it run better in the mean time so here i am again. Sorry guys.
As i was just talking about Abbie from A Beautiful Delight her blog is brilliant, if you haven't already go check it out it wont disappoint you, her beauty blog is full of great reviews aswell as beautiful pictures and to top it off shes one of the loveliest girls.

Get on with the damn review Zoe ....ok

I picked up the No7 Overnight Radiance Boost after looking online for something similar to that of the famous Alpha H Liquid Gold but easier for me to get hold of and cheaper.
This works similar from what i can see as its a chemical exfoliant that you put on under your moisturiser before bed and it contains lots of lovely fruit acids and vitamins to aid in that process.
Skincare was something i have just recently gotten more into and i liked the idea of putting something on my face at night then waking up with a face of a baby (come to think of it that would probably be a little scary, but you know what I'm sayin!).
Anyway i was really excited to try it out, and did so for a fair amount of time to give an honest opinion on my blog, i haven't seen many reviews on this so I'm thrilled to tell you all how good it is.

The Packaging
This product comes in a white box and the bottle itself is actually really nice and looks pretty expensive its a clear, hard plastic bottle with a file of the white product showing through it along with the No7 Branded logo across it in black..simple but effective! it has a sturdy snap-shut lid and dispenses the product though a pump which makes things so much easier.

How i apply the product
Before bed (every other day) after cleansing and toning i use one pump of the No7 Overnight Radiance Boost on my finger tips,which dispenses the perfect amount of product for your whole face.
I then gently massage it in small upward strokes until its all absorbed then i apply my moisturiser like normal.
This product is gel like with a kind of  fresh Aloe Vera scent that feels lovely and comfortable on the skin, i would also like to add that my skin can be pretty sensitive at times and this didn't irritate it one bit!

Product slightly rubbed in

My Thoughts
The first time i used it and looked in the mirror the next day i was so supprised to see how fresh/ plump and healthy my skin looked i have never experienced such instant results with skin care, after using this my makeup goes on so much smoother and it even helps with my spots..i don't know how or what witchcraft this is but it does, and since using this I'm not to bothered about getting Liquid Gold just YET #bbloggerproblems.

I really love this product and will be re-purchasing soon as its nearly gone and i have also recently obtained another £5 off No7 skincare voucher from Boots...if you have one too now's your chance to get this from the original price of £16 to £11 for 30ml BINGO!

Get it here Link

Have you tried this product? What are your thoughts?

Thanks For Reading

Love Zoe x


  1. Yayyy you have your laptop working, I'm so happy that you can finally write posts again :) Thank you for the mention lovely your so sweet! This product looks fab, I became interested in Alpha liquid gold after you mentioned it in a blog post but I could not justify spending the money. I love that this is an overnight treatment as I'm too lazy to let things sink in! I love the packaging and the pump too because a lot of No 7 skincare don't have this feature! It's payday for me tomorrow so I just might have to nip into Boots on my lunch break :) Fab post as always lovely! Hope your well xxx

    1. Aw thanks lovely :) I think it's brilliant,if you do get one hope you like it too. If you can get hold of one of those no7 vouchers for 5 pound off that's even more bang for your buck! I was looking online for ages to find a overnight exfoliant then I saw this in boots I was so happy haha, I'm good thanks hope you are too :) xxx

    2. I actually went and bought it today because I had various No7 vouchers and there was a toner I wanted too! Was supposed to wait till payday 2mro but I couldn't wait haha It's nice to see a good product from an affordable brand too! This beauty blogging is costing me a fortune haha xx

    3. Yay! I hope you like it :) I'd love to know what you think about it, I know what you mean haha beauty blogging is expensive, always looking for the next best product xx

  2. I've been wanting Liquid Gold for sooo long but it's just so darn expensive! This seems like a great alternative :) Always getting £5 off vouchers too so I guess this can actually work out quite affordable at only £11. Thanks for introducing it to me :D xx

    Kitty |

    1. Me to the. I spotted this in boots and thought I'd give it a go , and I love it SO much so I feel like I'm not missing out on the other :) xx


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