Wednesday, 16 October 2013

Thoughts On My First Glossy Box (October's Box)

Good Morning Lovelies,
On Saturday i was surprised to see i had my first ever Glossy Box waiting for me, i wasn't expecting it so early to be honest as it was only dispatched the day before and it said it should arrive the following Thursday...that was a great start.

I decided to join Glossy Box just because i had literally been thinking about it on and of for a year or so (ha), along with a bit peeking online at what other people got so i had a rough idea what to expect and what other peoples thought where on the popular beauty box.
I finally decided to bite the bullet and join after cancelling my Graze Box ...i started to get a bit bored of what i was getting and wasn't so excited to see what i got through the post anymore so that's where Glossy Box came in.

I really don't know why i thought about it so much and never really just gave it a go, its such a good idea for cosmetic junkies like myself who get excited for anything new to try, its like Christmas every month as no one knows what they get till all the boxes have been sent. From reading reviews and seeing other peoples boxes alot of people are saying how disappointed they are with the bits inside..alot of creams and perfume samples, to which i agree the perfume samples would be a bit annoying as I'm sure you can get these free from most places mabe? but I'm pretty happy as i would probably use or try at least everything in my box and all of the products always add up to alot more than the £10 box is worth so to me its a winner,

Every month with Glossy Box has a different theme which is great too and they are always presented so lovely in a pale pink box when opened reveals black tissue paper with a card that shows you the contents and a description of each one with any discount code, all wrapped up with a pretty pale pink just looks so ..Glossy! it also has a great read of a magazine included.

The October Glossy Box - Theme: Dark Romance
What's In My October Box:

MeMeMe Cherub's Blush - Cheek & Lip Tint (This Was Full Size ..Worth £5.50)
I have used this a few times now on my cheeks and it looks really lovely on and lasts all day, its probably rip off for Benefits ones but its a good product.

Katy Perry Killer Queen Fragrance - Sample
This smells pretty nice id say it was a night time smell, I'm awful at describing perfumes but its really wearable

Monu Illuminating Primer - Decent sized sample of 30ml full sized is 50ml and its £24.95
I have used this every day since i have had it and i like it, its pretty thick so you only need a little and it does leave your face pretty white so needs rubbing in alot, but it makes my make-up look great and makes it last that bit longer.

Premae Multi Vit Smoothing Serum - Decent sized sample 20ml full sized is 50ml and costs £22.50
This is probably one of my favourites in the box its very light sinks into the skin so easy and leaves my face feeling so smooth and healthy looking it also takes all shine away on my face which is amazing...mabe i will purchase full size hmmm...

Eva Cosmetics Mystic Diamond Argonoil - Small sample in an annoying pot, full size 100ml for £22.70
I just love any hair oils, so i was happy getitng this and i have used this twice now and its actually pretty good, i do usually use my holy grail Morrocanoil but i can say this could be pretty on par it works just aswell and makes my hair so frigging soft! 

So overall i am pretty happy with what i got, and i think you should at least try all of the products before knocking it, you may be pleasantly surprised..

Are you happy with Glossybox?
Any other beauty box recomendations?
What are your thoughts?

Thanks For Reading
Love Zoe x


  1. love it
    twitter & instagram : @fashionrlounge
    Fashion room lounge

    A chic kiss ;)

  2. How funny, I got exactly the same product line up in my October Glossy Box!lol. Great minds think alike and all that! I was pretty pleased with it too... so far I have tried the hair oil and the lip and cheek tint and have really liked both. The tint is a really pretty colour isn't it? A complete unabashed rip off of the Benetint but hey, it saves a few pennies so no complaints ;) Great post!xx

    1. Oh that's cool :) glad you agree yea the tint lasts ages aswell, I got some on my hands accidentally and couldn't get it off, thanks very much...I love your blog xx

  3. I like the theme of the box and the oil looks like a handy little bottle for travelling xo

    1. Yea its a good a/w idea :) its a good oil aswell xx


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