Thursday, 31 October 2013

Una Brennan - Skin Renew Cleansing Oil (Review)

So i have been slacking on the blog post front last week, purely because i have been trying some new products out and seeing how i get on with them before a review. Recently i have gotten more in to my skincare and researching more things to try in different forms such as cleansers in balms and oils instead of creams that i usually opt for.

This is why i have for you today a review on the Super Facialist By Una Brennan - Vitamin C+ Brightening Skin Renew Cleansing Oil (wow what a mouthful).

I have started to hear more and more about the skincare brand By Una Brennan recently and while i was in boots a few weeks back i came across the range and walked away with the cleansing oil, i had wanted to try a cleansing oil for a while and i don't see them about that often either and when i do they are rather expensive.

Wednesday, 16 October 2013

Thoughts On My First Glossy Box (October's Box)

Good Morning Lovelies,
On Saturday i was surprised to see i had my first ever Glossy Box waiting for me, i wasn't expecting it so early to be honest as it was only dispatched the day before and it said it should arrive the following Thursday...that was a great start.

I decided to join Glossy Box just because i had literally been thinking about it on and of for a year or so (ha), along with a bit peeking online at what other people got so i had a rough idea what to expect and what other peoples thought where on the popular beauty box.
I finally decided to bite the bullet and join after cancelling my Graze Box ...i started to get a bit bored of what i was getting and wasn't so excited to see what i got through the post anymore so that's where Glossy Box came in.

I really don't know why i thought about it so much and never really just gave it a go, its such a good idea for cosmetic junkies like myself who get excited for anything new to try, its like Christmas every month as no one knows what they get till all the boxes have been sent. From reading reviews and seeing other peoples boxes alot of people are saying how disappointed they are with the bits inside..alot of creams and perfume samples, to which i agree the perfume samples would be a bit annoying as I'm sure you can get these free from most places mabe? but I'm pretty happy as i would probably use or try at least everything in my box and all of the products always add up to alot more than the £10 box is worth so to me its a winner,

Every month with Glossy Box has a different theme which is great too and they are always presented so lovely in a pale pink box when opened reveals black tissue paper with a card that shows you the contents and a description of each one with any discount code, all wrapped up with a pretty pale pink just looks so ..Glossy! it also has a great read of a magazine included.

The October Glossy Box - Theme: Dark Romance
What's In My October Box:

MeMeMe Cherub's Blush - Cheek & Lip Tint (This Was Full Size ..Worth £5.50)
I have used this a few times now on my cheeks and it looks really lovely on and lasts all day, its probably rip off for Benefits ones but its a good product.

Katy Perry Killer Queen Fragrance - Sample
This smells pretty nice id say it was a night time smell, I'm awful at describing perfumes but its really wearable

Monu Illuminating Primer - Decent sized sample of 30ml full sized is 50ml and its £24.95
I have used this every day since i have had it and i like it, its pretty thick so you only need a little and it does leave your face pretty white so needs rubbing in alot, but it makes my make-up look great and makes it last that bit longer.

Premae Multi Vit Smoothing Serum - Decent sized sample 20ml full sized is 50ml and costs £22.50
This is probably one of my favourites in the box its very light sinks into the skin so easy and leaves my face feeling so smooth and healthy looking it also takes all shine away on my face which is amazing...mabe i will purchase full size hmmm...

Eva Cosmetics Mystic Diamond Argonoil - Small sample in an annoying pot, full size 100ml for £22.70
I just love any hair oils, so i was happy getitng this and i have used this twice now and its actually pretty good, i do usually use my holy grail Morrocanoil but i can say this could be pretty on par it works just aswell and makes my hair so frigging soft! 

So overall i am pretty happy with what i got, and i think you should at least try all of the products before knocking it, you may be pleasantly surprised..

Are you happy with Glossybox?
Any other beauty box recomendations?
What are your thoughts?

Thanks For Reading
Love Zoe x

Thursday, 10 October 2013

Soap & Glory Whipped Clean Shower Butter

As promised to you from THIS post i said i would do a follow up post on the perfect partner to the Soap & Glory Smoothie Star Body Butter, and here it is Whipped Clean Luxe Cream Wash Shower Butter.

How luxurious does that sound already, and i kid you not the product is the same.. this has to be the richest shower product i have ever used it has the same scent as the delicious Smoothie Star Body Butter ( sweet pistachio, almond and vanilla ) which as i ranted on my last post smells amazing and just like freshly baked cookies, its so comforting.

I have been using this now for a few weeks on and off as a treat for my skin ( its also amazing for shaving with ), it leaves it so silky smooth with such a beautiful fragrance..followed by the Smoothie Star Body Butter it is just the ultimate skin treat, and makes the scent linger on you for longer.

This shower cream doesn't lather up to much which is fine by me as its so creamy and moisturising. It contains Cocoa and Shea Butters as well as Grapeseed, Sweet Almond and Macadamia Nut Oils, all of these lovely ingredients make this shower cream one rich, thick, luxurious product from heaven...oh yes!

So Rich and Creamy Even When Rubbing In

The packaging is your typical S&G retro girlyness that would look so pretty and kitch in your bathroom included with its funny little slogans this one is "Feeling Flaky? Try A Tablespoon A Day Of ..Whipped Clean" and comes in a handy squeezy tube so you can get every last bit of product.

So if you love the Smell of Smoothie Star or just fancy a really luxe body treat i really recommend this product.
Its avalable in most Boots stores for £8 a bit on the pricey side but they usually have some sort of offer on such as 3 for 2 or buy one get one half price.

also one of my lovely readers Charlotte from Makeup By Candlelight commented on my Smoothie Star post saying that the Soap & Glory's Breakfast Scrub would go really well, and i have to agree as i bought this at the same time and the smell is oh so similar and its a bloody good scrub which i always repurchase. 
LINK to Charlotte's Blog Makeup By Candlelight.. (check out her blog its brilliant and she seems like such a lovely girl ), so thanks for that comment and reminding me Charlotte.

Has Soap & Glory's Whipped Clean taken your fancy?
Whats your favourite Soap & Glory product?

Thanks For Reading
Love Zoe x

Lush Mint Julips Lip Scrub - Review

At the moment i seem to be going through a lip product phase, probably because all of the sudden my lips have been feeling a bit drier recently and i needed to give them some urgent T.L.C. I bought several bits to help with that, as you can probably tell one of them is the Lush Mint Julips Lip Scrub.

The Lush lip scrubs are so popular and I'm not surprised they are fantastic, i have used the Lush Lip Scrub before and i bought the Bubblegum flavoured one (which seems to be the most popular), i liked it and it did the job nicely i just got a bit sick of the very sweet bubblegum taste so wanted something a bit less-sickly and more fresh..Mint Julips is the one!

It has a gorgeous chocolate mint scent to it, all i do is put a small amount of the scrub on my finger and gently rub it into my lips ( to exfoliate and buff ) and when I'm done lick it off ...yep your heard lick it off its pretty much mostly sugar so its completely fine, and as its minty it also freshens your breath, what a bonus!
I am then left with lovely soft and smooth lips, this is perfect to use before lipsticks too as it makes them glide on more effortlessly and gives a better finish too, at the moment i am using this twice a day then putting on my lip balm of choice which is normally Nuxe Reve De Miel at night or a Nivea Lip Butter.

My lips are now so much better and thankful of my new routine! i know there are ways you can make your own at home using some Castor sugar and and various oils but i simply don't have time right now and quite happy paying £5.50 for it as you get quite a bit so will last a while and its in a nice little glass pot too.

The Flavours Available Are..
Mint Julips - Mint Chocolate
Popcorn - Popcorn/salted caramel flavour
Bubblegum - Bubblegum (smells like the popular snow fairy scent)
Santa's Lip Scrub (limited edition for Christmas) - Cola flavoured
So which will you be picking up ?
Are you a fan of the lip scrubs by Lush?
Thanks For Reading
Love Zoe x

Friday, 4 October 2013

Soap & Glory - Smoothie Star Body Buttercream

Today i have the most amazing lightly whipped body buttercream to show you from the ever so popular brand Soap & Glory.
I have to start of with the smell its just ...oh my gosh..flipping amazing (copping a whiff at this moment in time)
its scent is that of freshly baked cookies, seriously if you haven't smelt this before next time your in boots have a sniff (only if you don't mind sickly sweet smells that is), i did this and ended up buying ...along with some others with a similar fragrance in the 3 for 2 offer they have at the moment. YUMMY!

Now for the serious stuff.
Soap & Glory Smoothie Star is a lightly whipped body buttercream that has a intensive 5-oil super nourishing formula it contains Sweet Almond Oil and Coconut oil which are famous for their skin smoothing properties and gorgeous smell!
Its scented with Pistachio, Almond and Sweet Vanilla, and the cream itself is not like your regular body butter its beautifully light but rich at the same time if that makes sense? it just absorbs so easily i prefer this formula so much more over a  Body Shop body butter for example, just because i find those ones to be thick but also take a while to rub it all in, the Soap & Glory one just sinks in so easy but feels luxurious at the same time, i suppose it states this on the tub as its lightly whipped.

The Packaging is the usual it has the lovely retro girly thing going on with their funny little sayings on the tub such as "want silky, sexy, famously soft skin? rub your elbows with a Smoothie Star" then underneath it carries on saying "(in fact,we'd suggest rubbing your whole body, we just didn't think that it had the same  'ring') ...this made me laugh so that's a nice touch to the product, I'm easily amused.
You get 300ml of product for £10.50 here

Overall i just think this is such a lovely product, its super moisturising and has left my skin so silky, the fragrance stays on your skin for most of the day and the smell is just divine its just so comforting and is such a lovely treat before bedtime, i can see myself re-purchasing this many more times in the near future.

I will have a follow up post of the perfect partner to this shortly, so keep an eye out if it takes your fancy.

Have you tried Smoothie Star?
What are your favourite Soap & Glory products?

Thank You For Reading,
Love Zoe x

Tuesday, 1 October 2013

Deborah Lipmann Half Moon Mani (And A Bargain)

Today i have for you a really different take on the half moon mani to show you, i did this the other night and was really happy on how it turned out.
I started off with one of my "September Favourites" Models Own nail polish in the shade Utopia and did 2 coats of this, then i used the very beautiful Deborah Lipmann nail polish in Today Was A Fairytale for the half moon glittery crescents.

I created this look by Paining on 2 thin coats of Models Own Utopia and wait till fully dry, then i hand pained on the crescents with Deborah Lipmann's Today Was A Fairytale and did 2 coats of this then finished with a clear topcoat...i was really happy with how this turned out, i think the colours work well together and my hands look all girly and feminine. I found out after i did these by a lovely girl on my Instagram that you can actually get special stickers to do the half moons but i didn't have these so i just tried to keep a steady hand.

I just have to tell you guys about a great find in TK Maxx - I bought a Pack of 3 Deborah Lipmann polishes in there last week (Today Was A Fairytale being one of them) for only £14.99 ..i couldn't believe my eyes seen as i bought Deborah Lipmann's Glitter In The Air online for about £17 a few months back eep.

So if your interested get in there quick, this is my second pack ha.

What i got in pack 1- Today Was A Fairytale, Across The Universe and Hit Me With Your Best Shot.

What i got in pack 2 - Razzle Dazzle, Boom Boom Pow and Girls Just Want To Have Fun

I must say pack 1 is my favourite as i badly wanted the Across The Universe Its beautiful!
Here is a picture with it on when i wore it the other day over the top of Hit Me With Your Best Shot.

Mermaid Nails all the way!

Sorry if this post is a little to nail nerdy, I'm just a complete nail polish freak!They are just so pretty and sparkly, i find Deborah Lipmann's polishes to be so unique and the formula is just amazing.. defiantly a winning brand in my books.

Have you tried Deborah Lipmann polishes?
Would you be popping in for this bargain?

Thanks For Reading

Love Zoe x

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