Thursday, 12 September 2013

Superdrugs Coconut Oil

I have now been using Superdrugs version of Coconut Oil now for about 5 weeks, and its brilliant! i have heard using coconut oil on your hair as a treatment is really good and i spotted this when i was browsing the hair isles in their was really cheap (only £2.29) so i had nothing to loose and gave it a go. I needed something to help my dry damaged hair.

The first time i opened it i was like ah its completely solid how do i use this ? 
Well what i did was brush my hair to get rid of any knots and part it in sections to make life a little easier, then i scooped out the product with a spoon and then warmed the lump of oil in my hands and it started to melt pretty quick i then just massaged it into my hair roots to ends and left it on overnight.

When i washed my hair the next morning it felt so moisturised and healthy i was impressed, mainly because before i had spent so much on hair masks that where just ok and this seemed to give me better results and probably more natural for my hair, Brilliant eh! 

After my hair dried off naturally (trying to use less heat on my locks at the mo) it was so so soft and shiny and it smelt lovely and coconutty. Another plus side you can use it as a moisturiser for dry skin and some brands you can use for cooking too (not this one though as the tub states) and sometimes if my hair needs extra moisture on the ends i will put a teeny amount of oil on the ends.

I have been using this overnight twice a week  now and i love it! i wouldn't say i would never try anything else just because I'm a sucker for trying new it just me? but i could see myself going back if that makes sense. 

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Have you tried coconut oil for your hair?
Whats your favourite hair treatment?

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Love Zoe x


  1. I do this too :) usually every couple of weeks, make sure you wash your hair properly though sometimes I have to shampoo twice because the oil can make it look really greasy, I put this on my brows too and it makes them grow abit thicker xx x

    1. Yea I know what you mean, it works great though doesn't it :) oh that's a good idea I didn't know about the eyebrow thing may just try that thanks x


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