Monday, 16 September 2013

Soap & Glory Super-Colour Fabu Lipstick (Pom Pom)

Super - Colour Fabu Lipstick Powdercoat Matte in Pom Pom ...What a mouth full for a lipstick eh?

Even though Soap & Glory cosmetics have been about a while now i have never really bothered with looking into it too much even though i really love their bath and body ranges.... well until last week that is. There is a well known Youtuber/ Blogger called Sammi (thebeautycrush) if you have not already checked her out
do it shes brilliant!

She was talking about this particular lipstick in her video a while back and it looked great, so when i was passing the S&G shelves in boots i decided to have a look for it and give it a swatch as you do, and may have made a cheeky purchase.

The colour pom pom is perfect for A/W seasons, the best thing about A/W to me is bringing out the plum/Burgundy shades of Lipstick and Nail polishes ... is it just me?

This lipstick smells of vanilla, it goes on smoothly and is very versatile you could put it on with a heavy hand for a more dramatic pop of colour or lightly for a softer more natural coloured pout, it also lasts a good time and doesn't feel like you need to keep applying it along with a nice matte finish.

Left Light handed application, Right Heavy application

The colour is a gorgeous warm toned berry pink/red colour, and the packaging feels very high end due to the weight and packaging...its in sleek black casing with a hint of the brand name in pink, then the bullet has the logo S&G embossed on it.

I can see myself wearing this alot for A/W i love it but is pretty expensive to me for a "drugstore" brand at £9.
Me wearing pom pom at the weekend

Have you tried any soap and glory cosmetics?

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