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Sensationail - At Home Gel Nail Kit

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Gel nails was always a thing i was curious about but it was something i never felt like doing, purely because i don't think i could have the same polish on my nails for over 2 weeks without getting bored of it..seen as i usually paint my nails every 2-3 days! but i did like the idea of having shiny, chip resistant and stronger nails.

So when all my nails decided to play up and break on me, i thought now was probably a good time to try gel nails, i did some research online and spotted that you can get D.I.Y gel nail kits, there are a few on the market but i chose Sensationail. I was hoping that this would make my nails stronger and i could grow them back again while keeping my nails looking pretty.

I purchased the Sensationail Starter Kit in Raspberry Wine ( you can choose between 4 colours..Pink Chiffon, French Tips, Scarlet Red )  I bought mine from Tesco Direct for £60 which is the cheapest place i have found to buy it ( the individual nail polishes are £10 )  Link

In The Kit

Lamp Switched on
In this set you get everything you need to start your at home gel nails..
Whats in the Kit
  • Pro 3060 LED Lamp
  • Lamp Adaptor Plug
  • Gel Polish Colour x1
  • Nail File & Buffer x1
  • Lint-Free Wipes x1 small pack
  • Manicure Stick x1
  • Gel Cleanser x1
  • Gel Primer x1
  • Gel Base and Top Coat x1
  • Instructions
Sensational claim this kit does up to 10 complete manicures , i have only used this about 5 times and still have a lot of product left. ( you can also purchase the essentials kit which contain everything of the above apart from the lamp, adaptor and  gel nail polish colour...which is probably obvious..sorry!)

Its really simple and easy to use, it comes with a step by step guide which is so easy to follow, it just takes quite a bit of time because you have to..
  • File and buff the nail
  • Clean the nails with the lint-free wipes and cleanser
  • Apply one layer of gel primer and leave to dry
  • Apply a thin layer of the top and base coat and cure under the lamp for 30 secs
  • Apply a thin layer of the colour polish and cure for 60 secs and then another coat, cure for another 60 secs
  • Then apply the top and base coat and cure for 30 secs
  • Finish by removing the moisture layer with the gel cleanser and lint-free wipes
  • PHEW

The finished result looks amazing actually and my nails felt so hard like nothing could break them, they where so shiny and smooth, the fist time i used this kit i used a different colour i bought separately called Blue Yonder, its a stunning slightly shimmery navy blue.

Started to get bored with it haha jazzed it up with nail studs, This was after 5 days of wear.

 The only down side to this kit for me is the removal process (which i guess is bound to be a pain) lets just say it took a lot of time, effort, tinfoil, acetone and scraping poor poor nails!

I have to say i didn't use their branded products to remove the polish such as their removing solution and scraper i just did my own thing using a boots acetone solution soaked in cotton wool popped over my nails with foil, i thought it was probably as good as? 
Because of this i only do my gel nails every few weeks to give them a little break otherwise they would probably be as thin as paper.

Removal method

I would also say that sensationail say they last up to 2 weeks on your nails but i have yet to witness that as mine have lasted just over a week max with quite a bit of chippage going on, but that's ok with me as i couldn't cope with 2 weeks i get bored too easy with the same colour.

But other than that i really like this kit, as do my mum and sister for the fact they get professional looking gel nails for free. The kit seems expensive but in the grand scheme of things it works out brilliant as its so much more in salons.

Sensationail in Tahiti Sunset

What are your thoughts on Gel Nails?
Have you tried Sensationail?
Check out Sensationail HERE
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  1. Good review and it seems like a great product. I really liked the blue shade, but personally I don't think I could commit to wearing just one shade that long LOL. Xx

    1. Thanks so much :) yea it is pretty good, Im the same really it is ages for one colour haha xx

  2. omg i saw this and was soo tempted by it looks great!

    Check out and enter my Giveaway!! :-)

    1. treat yourself :) its good and there are lots of single colours to choose from, oh fab will check it out thanks x

  3. This looks like a cool product, I think I would probably use it if I was going away on holidays for a while and didn't have time to do my nails.. Otherwise I do like to switch colours every time I paint my nails!

    1. It is really cool, that's a good Idea :) yea I think a weeks too long with the same nail polish, thanks for your comment x

  4. Look at the shine off those polishes - it's amazing! Love what you've done with the nail studs, too. I love gel nails for holidays but otherwise I'm happy with plain ol' polish xo

    1. I know you get such a lovely shine on these! Thanks very much :) yea I could live without it to be honest xx

  5. This is perfect for me because I am sooo lazy when it comes to painting my nails/taking it off! ive seen it in boots and been so tempted, just the initial £60 that's putting me off! thanks for this review! your nails look lovely XX

    1. This would be perfect for you defiantly! I think you'd like this kit :) you should treat yourself, after all its cheaper than the salon and you can do it in the comfort of your own home awh no problem thank you for your comment and reading, glad to help xxx


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