Thursday, 12 September 2013

Lush Fair Trade Honey Shampoo (Part 1)

The other day i was on a hunt for a shampoo that would fix my dry/damaged hair and irritated scalp. My hair is alot longer now so i feel i need to put even more moisture back into it now.
I was looking everywhere (much to my partners frustration.ha) for something that would have really nice qualities such as..ingredients, smell and Au natural ingredients.

 Then i thought where is best to look for products of the natural type? lush of course.
As soon as we got into the store i was greeted by a lovely, friendly sales assistant who asked me if i needed any help, i then explained what i was looking for, she asked me if i was local to Leicester to which i told her i live about an hour away, she told me that where i live is a hard water area and that can make hair very dry and can cause damage.

The sales assistant then showed me the Lush's Fair Trade Honey Shampoo and explained all of its impressive properties ..that its 50% honey from Zambia and gives a great softness and shine, she also stated that the Leicester Lush store was one of the top sellers for this particular shampoo due to the hard water areas ...this girl sold it!
I was also then showed additional products that would work hand in hand with this so she gave me a sample to try of Lush's American Cream and R&B cream.
It was brilliant customer service i received and will defiantly go back so thank you Lush Leicester!

As i am writing this blog entry i have just used the Fair Trade Honey Shampoo along with the samples, my hair feels so soft and my scalp feels so much better already and it it smells awesome too! 
So as i would like to do a more in-depth review on this product i will see how i get on with it for a week and a bit just to give it a "proper" go and i think that makes it more of a fair review..but so far so good.

What is your favourite Lush hair product?
Thanks For Reading

 Love Zoe x


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