Wednesday, 18 September 2013

Enrapture Extremity Heated Rollers

I was in Tesco a couple of months ago browsing the beauty isles and i spotted that they sold some of the Enrapture branded hair tools, i had always wanted to give the heated rollers or totem styler a go as i had heard so many great things about them ( I'm probably sure you have too, there are so many videos/blogs about them) well Now's my turn ha.

When i bought these from tesco they where on offer for half price i may have squealed with joy!! i do love a bargain.

I have tried endless curling tools some wouldn't curl my hair at all, others would be too tight of a curl or just drop out straight away..Annoying! So i had high hopes for these.

Let me tell you guys they are so worth the hype around them, they are AMAZING!

All i do is ...
  • Brush my hair so its tangle free
  • Plug in the hot rollers to wait for them to heat up (There is a little light up bar indicator on the front of the case that shows when its heated and ready to use)
  • Section my hair and roll up my hair in the roller and clip it to the top of my head
  • Maybe spray some hairspray in for extra hold
  • Do my makeup and get ready while they work their magic for an hour or so
The Heat Indicator

With the rollers in

In the set you get
  • 10 large rollers
  • 10 medium rollers
  • 20 Clips
  • The Case (obviously ha)
  • An instruction and care manual
  • A style guide

The Lare and Medium rollers with clips

The clips and the metal plates

All presented in a very sexy looking shiny purple box! it just looks like luxury to be frank.

 I manage to use all of the rollers in my hair as its quite long and thick, i use the large rollers for the top of my head to give the volume and the medium ones towards the bottom.

Why are these so good?
  •  The rollers are coated in a velvet like material so that the hair grips better to it
  •  They have metal plates through the centre of the roller to distribute the heat 
  •  The clips have metal plates inside too so that it  circulates the heat through the curl to give a better hold and shine
  • They are not too heavy or uncomfortable when you wear them
  • So easy to use, they take me about 5-10 mins to put in 

When I'm ready i just take them out and spray in some more hairspray then gently brush through the curls with my tangle teezer, just to make them look a little less "done" then I'm good to go.
I just love how easy this is, and now i can get those lovely bouncy curls without so much effort.

Here are some after pics just so you get an idea...cringe!

Have you tried Enrapture hair tools?

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  1. Wow beautiful look!!! I like your blog!!! would you like to follow each other with GFC and Bloglovin?
    Besos, desde EspaƱa, Marcela♥

    1. Thanks very much :) I will check your blog out x

  2. Your hair looks fabulous! I am very lazy with mine - I hate to admit it but I have a set of heated rollers sitting in my cupboard since my birthday a couple of years ago - totally unused!

    1. Awh thanks Emma, you should give them a go :) its so much easier than curling tongs I think, just want to say thank you so much for taking time reading my posts and commenting it means a lot x

    2. Thanks so much Emma hope you had a great weekend xx

  3. I've never tried Enrapture rollers before but wow, they look amazing! Your hair looks so gorgeous in the after pictures, I'd definitely try them.. I tried normal velcro rollers once and they were useless, and when I curl my hair with the tongs they just fall out eventually :(

    These look really good though, thanks for this post!

    Emily x

    1. They are really great! Thanks so much ! That's lovely, yea I have tried velcro rollers I got in a right state with them ha, you seem to have the same problems as'll love these, thanks for your comment :) x

  4. I am definitely going to have to give these a try for sure! I have curly hair, but not in a good way if you know what I mean. It is more like frizz central. What doesn't help either is that my hair is really fine.

    I think I know where my husband is going today. He thinks it is B&Q. Funnily enough, Tesco is right next door!

    So glad I found your blog (you commented on a blog post of mine about theBalm's palette - have left you an idea for a really good Sleek palette though not a dupe, very similar in its shades).

    Oh yeah, Tesco here I come!

    Fi xoxox

    1. Yes!! My hairs exactly the se - curly naturally but with frizz hah, oh brill you have to try them and treat your self ;) they are so good! let me know what you think if you decide to get them.
      oh great thank you I will check it out.
      Thanks for your comment xx

  5. Oh what a nice job I'm crap with my hair so I've been lusting after a set like these!!

    1. Thanks so much :) you should try them they are great! I can't see myself going back from these x

  6. Fab review Zoe! I have the whole range of Enrapture hot tools, and I love them all. I just wish I could get the curls to last longer in my hair.. no matter what hairspray I use, they seem to drop :( xx

    Gemma | Miss Makeup Magpie

    1. Thank you lovely :) oh wow I'm jealous! Is love to try the totem styler is it any good? That's a shame the curls don't last for you, they last all day on my hair xx

  7. Love this review!! I've been searching around for the perfect heated rollers because I want some so bad haha!! xx

    1. Ah thanks so much :) if you want heated rollers I can't reccomend these enough, they are fab, thanks for your comment lovely xx

  8. these look sooo nice! I have babyliss ones but these look better for some reason, thanks for sharing xx

    1. Thank you they are really good, no problem. thanks for reading :) xx


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