Thursday, 26 September 2013

September Favourites

Hey Readers,
So September is coming to an end and i thought i would do my first proper monthly favourites post, don't know why i haven't but its good to get some kind of re- occurring posts i think.

So here are the chosen few i have been loving in the month of September...

Superdrugs Coconut Oil
This is just fantastic, such a brilliant hair treatment and so cheap aswell...whats no to love? i wont say too much because i have already been bashing on about this and gave its own special review HERE.

Bourjois Colour Boost Lip Crayon - Red Sunrise
I bought this months back but i have worn it so many times, because its like a crayon shape its so easy to apply (especially around the edges) its a beautiful shade of red a raspberry warm toned glossy red, when the colour wears off your left with a lovely stain.

Bourjois Colour Boost - Red Sunrise

Morrocanoil Hair Treatment Oil
Ages ago now i did a review on this HERE ..and i still love it to this day and bought an even bigger 125ml version just to last works soo good and it smells amazing.

I'm very sorry but just so you know I'm having problems with a few of my blog posts and seem to have lost a load of pictures...I'm working on getting some of these back and re-doing them ! such a pain :(.

Max Factor Eye Brightening Mascara - Brown Eyes
This is one mascara i keep re-purchasing, i got this as a freebie once from boots it was like buy 2 Max Factor products and get that mascara free. I bought a different mascara anyway just because i thought if they are giving it away for free it cant be that good can it?.....wrong ! it was better than the false lash effect one i thought.
It makes your lashes lovely and long without clumping them together and separates them nicely, I'm not sure how the eye brightning thing works but there is no visible glitter or colouring in this its just plain black to me ...which id prefer any way.

Max Factor Eye Brightning Mascara Wand

The Body Shop's Honeymania Body Butter
I bought this when it was on the 40% off offer, it smells so lovely and fresh with a hint of honey sweetness to it, i do love me a Body Shop Body Butter anyway but this ones my most loved on at the moment.
It really moisturises the skin and sinks in well which fragrences the skin for ages with this scent.

Yankee Candles
I'm not going to say it... they are seasonal Yankee Candles that i have, and yes they are out already!
But i do have a slight addiction to candles (mainly Yankee Candles) and burn them alot in our house now its finally autumn.(.is it me or does it seem odd burning candles in summer?)
Im also a sucker for new releases and as these are seasonal ones i thought..  lets get em all!! but they are obviously quite pricey so i got some sampler ones to try before i get the daddy one.

Have you tried any of these?
What do you reccomend ?

Thanks For Reading
Love Zoe x

Wednesday, 25 September 2013

Sensationail - At Home Gel Nail Kit

Good Afternoon to all my lovely readers,
I would just like to say thank you to everyone who has taken time to read my posts and comment, i love to see what you all think and i really appreciate you taking the time.

Gel nails was always a thing i was curious about but it was something i never felt like doing, purely because i don't think i could have the same polish on my nails for over 2 weeks without getting bored of it..seen as i usually paint my nails every 2-3 days! but i did like the idea of having shiny, chip resistant and stronger nails.

So when all my nails decided to play up and break on me, i thought now was probably a good time to try gel nails, i did some research online and spotted that you can get D.I.Y gel nail kits, there are a few on the market but i chose Sensationail. I was hoping that this would make my nails stronger and i could grow them back again while keeping my nails looking pretty.

I purchased the Sensationail Starter Kit in Raspberry Wine ( you can choose between 4 colours..Pink Chiffon, French Tips, Scarlet Red )  I bought mine from Tesco Direct for £60 which is the cheapest place i have found to buy it ( the individual nail polishes are £10 )  Link

In The Kit

Lamp Switched on
In this set you get everything you need to start your at home gel nails..
Whats in the Kit
  • Pro 3060 LED Lamp
  • Lamp Adaptor Plug
  • Gel Polish Colour x1
  • Nail File & Buffer x1
  • Lint-Free Wipes x1 small pack
  • Manicure Stick x1
  • Gel Cleanser x1
  • Gel Primer x1
  • Gel Base and Top Coat x1
  • Instructions
Sensational claim this kit does up to 10 complete manicures , i have only used this about 5 times and still have a lot of product left. ( you can also purchase the essentials kit which contain everything of the above apart from the lamp, adaptor and  gel nail polish colour...which is probably obvious..sorry!)

Its really simple and easy to use, it comes with a step by step guide which is so easy to follow, it just takes quite a bit of time because you have to..
  • File and buff the nail
  • Clean the nails with the lint-free wipes and cleanser
  • Apply one layer of gel primer and leave to dry
  • Apply a thin layer of the top and base coat and cure under the lamp for 30 secs
  • Apply a thin layer of the colour polish and cure for 60 secs and then another coat, cure for another 60 secs
  • Then apply the top and base coat and cure for 30 secs
  • Finish by removing the moisture layer with the gel cleanser and lint-free wipes
  • PHEW

The finished result looks amazing actually and my nails felt so hard like nothing could break them, they where so shiny and smooth, the fist time i used this kit i used a different colour i bought separately called Blue Yonder, its a stunning slightly shimmery navy blue.

Started to get bored with it haha jazzed it up with nail studs, This was after 5 days of wear.

 The only down side to this kit for me is the removal process (which i guess is bound to be a pain) lets just say it took a lot of time, effort, tinfoil, acetone and scraping poor poor nails!

I have to say i didn't use their branded products to remove the polish such as their removing solution and scraper i just did my own thing using a boots acetone solution soaked in cotton wool popped over my nails with foil, i thought it was probably as good as? 
Because of this i only do my gel nails every few weeks to give them a little break otherwise they would probably be as thin as paper.

Removal method

I would also say that sensationail say they last up to 2 weeks on your nails but i have yet to witness that as mine have lasted just over a week max with quite a bit of chippage going on, but that's ok with me as i couldn't cope with 2 weeks i get bored too easy with the same colour.

But other than that i really like this kit, as do my mum and sister for the fact they get professional looking gel nails for free. The kit seems expensive but in the grand scheme of things it works out brilliant as its so much more in salons.

Sensationail in Tahiti Sunset

What are your thoughts on Gel Nails?
Have you tried Sensationail?
Check out Sensationail HERE
Thanks For Reading

Love Zoe xx

Tuesday, 24 September 2013

My Top 5 Nail Polishes For A/W

The A/W seasons here so i thought i would share my top 5 nail polishes with you, when the seasons change and outside gets darker so do my nails.
I actually prefer darker more vampy colours on my nails, so this season is good for me..there are so many beautiful A/W nail colours about i thought i would share with you my top 5 of my ridiculously massive nail polish collection (this was hard as I'm such a nail polish freak).

My Top 5

L-R O.P.I Every Month Is Oktoberfest, O.P.I Live And Let Die, Revlon Topaz, Barry M Plum, Models Own Utopia.

O.P.I Every Month Is Oktoberfest (Germany Collection) 
- Prices round £11 (John Lewis,

This nail polish is one of my all time favourites, i have no other like this in my collection its so unique and looks absolutely beautiful. Its a really deep Burgundy shade which can shine a warm Orangey brown or a shimmery deep purple depending on the light, O.P.I is also my favourite brand of polish i have tried the formula is superb and glides on with the wide brush and leaves with a nice glossy finish even before a topcoat..I LOVE this one!

Taken in natural daylight with 2 coats of Every Month Is Oktoberfest and 1 coat of topcoat

With Flash (to show off those beautiful shimmers)
 O.P.I Live And Let Die (James Bond Casino Royal Collection) 
- Prices around £11 (John Lewis,


This nail polish isn't a colour i would usually go for but i just found it so pretty to look at i had to get it, and its even better on, it has the best formula and the finish to this is amazing its so glossy and easy to apply.
The colour of this is like a deep olive green turning a black/grey on the nails with hints of a gold shimmer running through it, its so different and great for an autumn colour.

Taken in natural daylight, with 2 coats of Live And Let Die and 1 coat of topcoat

With Flash
Revlon Topaz (Chroma Chameleon Collection) 
Prices around £6.49 (Boots, Superdrug)


This polish is the newest in my top 5 i got this from boots the other week, This new Chroma Chameleon collection just shouted my name from the shelves, i think there are another 5 in this collection and the all look just as special (especially the rose gold one). I just thought that it looked so cool ...there are alot of chrome colours coming out in other collections so wanted one for my self, its one of those "cant stop staring at my nails" colour, so pretty the way it changes in different lights.

In natural light with 2 coasts of Topaz and 1 coat of topcoat
With Flash (so shimmery)

Barry M Plum (Gelly Shine Collection)
- Prices round £3.99 (Boots, Superdrug)


I am so impressed with the Barry M Gelly Shine range and that's saying something coming from a nail polish snob! (does that even exist? ha) they are brilliant. So easy to apply, they dry with such a gloss finish and last on the nail a good few days before chipping for only £3.99 its amazing.
Plum is a lovely deep purple/plum shade no shimmer no fuss just a lovely shiny simple colour.

Taken in natural daylight with 2 coats of plum and one coat of topcoat

With flash (super shiny)

Models Own Utopia
Prices around £5 (Boots)

Last but not least its this lovely neutral colour from models own, this sort of shade just compliments your skin tone and makes your hands look pretty, it is great when you just want a colour on your nails to go with everything and look very chic at the same time.
Utopia is a beige/lilac/grey colour and it looks great with a glitter over the top too, the formula is just ok you need 2 or 3 thin coats but its totally worth it.

In natural daylight (see.. its so pretty)

Phew all done. Well done for reaching this far it was a big ol post.

What are your favourite A/W polishes ?
Do you change your nails like the weather?
Thanks For Reading

Monday, 23 September 2013

Ombre D.I.Y

Evening my lovely readers,hope you all had a great weekend!

The other day i decided to ombre my hair, just because i got bored of the way i looked and fancied a change really, and thought what the hell lets kill my ends and try the ombre look I'm think why did i do this? I'm really not sure on how it looks on me.

I bought the Loreal Wild Ombre kit this time around (last time i used the Loreal Highlighting kit) after all it had a little comb in the set to make the blending bit a little easier and the other kit didn't have anything like that so made it a little harder to get all of your hair in the product.

Really dry and dull looking

I know alot of people like this Loreal Wild Ombre kit but i don't think i would buy this again as i found the other kit i used to be alot better (minus the comb) just because i didn't have to leave it on my hair as long and i got a better colour, it was more blonder at the ends rather than a brassy orange colour and i left this on for the maximum time.

The Colour I Chose

What you get in the kit
I did end up buying more bleach just to lighten it up a bit more then using a purple shampoo to tone down the brassiness, i may have to give this look a few days just to get used to it, but I'm not overly struck at the moment...maby if my natural hair wasn't so dark it would look better? it also just makes my ends look terrible and really unhealthy.

So all in all I'm thinking of whacking another dark brown dye on top.

What do you think of this look?
Would you ever consider ombre?
Any advice please, do i stick it out and embrace it ?

Thank You For Reading

Wednesday, 18 September 2013

Enrapture Extremity Heated Rollers

I was in Tesco a couple of months ago browsing the beauty isles and i spotted that they sold some of the Enrapture branded hair tools, i had always wanted to give the heated rollers or totem styler a go as i had heard so many great things about them ( I'm probably sure you have too, there are so many videos/blogs about them) well Now's my turn ha.

When i bought these from tesco they where on offer for half price i may have squealed with joy!! i do love a bargain.

I have tried endless curling tools some wouldn't curl my hair at all, others would be too tight of a curl or just drop out straight away..Annoying! So i had high hopes for these.

Let me tell you guys they are so worth the hype around them, they are AMAZING!

All i do is ...
  • Brush my hair so its tangle free
  • Plug in the hot rollers to wait for them to heat up (There is a little light up bar indicator on the front of the case that shows when its heated and ready to use)
  • Section my hair and roll up my hair in the roller and clip it to the top of my head
  • Maybe spray some hairspray in for extra hold
  • Do my makeup and get ready while they work their magic for an hour or so
The Heat Indicator

With the rollers in

In the set you get
  • 10 large rollers
  • 10 medium rollers
  • 20 Clips
  • The Case (obviously ha)
  • An instruction and care manual
  • A style guide

The Lare and Medium rollers with clips

The clips and the metal plates

All presented in a very sexy looking shiny purple box! it just looks like luxury to be frank.

 I manage to use all of the rollers in my hair as its quite long and thick, i use the large rollers for the top of my head to give the volume and the medium ones towards the bottom.

Why are these so good?
  •  The rollers are coated in a velvet like material so that the hair grips better to it
  •  They have metal plates through the centre of the roller to distribute the heat 
  •  The clips have metal plates inside too so that it  circulates the heat through the curl to give a better hold and shine
  • They are not too heavy or uncomfortable when you wear them
  • So easy to use, they take me about 5-10 mins to put in 

When I'm ready i just take them out and spray in some more hairspray then gently brush through the curls with my tangle teezer, just to make them look a little less "done" then I'm good to go.
I just love how easy this is, and now i can get those lovely bouncy curls without so much effort.

Here are some after pics just so you get an idea...cringe!

Have you tried Enrapture hair tools?

Thanks For Reading

Tuesday, 17 September 2013

40% OFF The New Honeymania Range At The Body Shop!

This is just a quick heads up to my fellow readers on a brilliant offer i spied this morning, 40% the Body Shop's new Honeymania range, i have heard about this for a while and couldn't wait to get my hands on it.

I happened to be looking online this morning and had a look on their website i was so happy when i noticed the range was released today and even happier when i seen it was 40% off online and in store ...Get your code here..Link 

I popped into town and just bought 3 from the range and showed the sales assistant the code off my phone..easy as peas!

If you are not as impatient as me you can also get them online with free delivery if you spend over £5 

I'm not sure how long this offer is on for so get in there quick as its a good one if you fancy trying this.

In the Honeymania range you can get
  • Body butter 
  • Bubble Bath Melt
  • Shower Gel
  • Body Scrub
  • Lip Balm
  • Soap
I purchased the body butter, bubble bath melt (which seems pretty different) and the shower gel  and it came up to £16 instead of £25.
I have yet to use it but it smells yummy of honey and a light floral scent, very fresh yet comforting!

Have you tried this range yet? (some people got their lucky hands on this before release date)

Thanks For Reading 

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