Thursday, 18 October 2012

How To- Cath Kidston Inspired Nail Art

Hello Lovelies, hope your having a great week!
I have decided to post a long awaited nail art how to as alot of people asked me to do one from this post link and the fact its my most "liked" picture on my instagram @zoelou_

This one i have for you today is pretty similar because they are both flowery so you can kinda use the same technique , with this one i have just gone for a more Cath Kidston inspired floral pattern.

Products used Nail Polishes...
Maybelline express manicure base coat and top coat, Nails Inc Instyle peach sorbet, Maybelline Forever strong porcelain pink, O.P.I Pink Flamenco, Models Own snow white, Models Own utopia, Rimmel Black cab, Bellapierre neon green, Essie Absolutely shore.
Boots 4 way nail file, Burt's Bees cuticle cream, 1 Kirby grip (you'll see), Loccitane hand cream, Models own nail art pen (only used for brush)

Now i know this looks like alot of polish to use but its purely because i mixed a few together to make a certain shade, aswell you will need a plastic tray or pot of some sort to put your paint on i used an old plastic tray i got some false nails in to use.

Step 1.
Just do your basic nail polish routine, mine is to file and buff to make my nail beds smoother so the polish goes on well and lasts longer then i use cuticle cream.
Then you apply your top coat.

Step 2.
You can do these any base colours you like really, personally i think pastel is better because it makes them more girly :).
I used Nails inc Instyle peach sorbet on my thumbs and pinkys, then Essie absolutely shore on my fore finger and ring finger and Models own on my middle finger. Now wait to dry.

Step 3.
I don't own a dotting tool :( so i used a make shift one by using the little ball bit on the end of a bent Kirby grip i dipped it in Models Own snow white and dotted it on my pinky fingers trying to keep the dots even by using the same amount of pressure on each dot (more pressure bigger the dot).

Step 4.
Next is the fore finger stripes i used my models own nail art pen purely for the brush i just cleaned the brush in nail polish remover (good tip if you don't want to splash out on loads of different nail art pens) i dipped the brush in Models Own snow white and put 3 stripes down my nail then another 3 with the colour Nails inc peach sorbet.

Step 5.
Down the middle fingers i used my Models Own snow white and painted on a medium size white stripe and then used the nail art brush to do a thin wiggly pattern each side of the stripe so it looks almost lacey.

Step 6.
On the thumbs i did a few small random cloud looking patterns in Models Own snow white with the tip of the Kirby grip dotting it around in that shape to have more control than you would a brush.
Then around those cloud patterns i used the same paint and Kirby grip to do the tiny dots.
(make sure you clean your grip in nail polish remover before you use another colour).

Step 7.
The Roses
To do the roses i put a little light pink (maybelline porcelain pink) and a fuchsia pink (OPI pink flamenco) and mixed a bit of that colour together (make sure you leave a bit of those colours un-mixed) 
I then dabbed my Kirby grip in the mixed pink paint and did some small dots joined together in un-perfect circles in the middle of that i added the fuchsia pink and dotted some lighter pink in there too to give the rose effect to it.

The Leaves
I didn't have a leafy looking green so i did some mixing to get mine but all you need to do is use the Kirby grip to make some tiny green leafs next to your roses (make it random).

You can do step 7 on your thumb finger in the centre of the cloud shapes, middle finger down the centre white stripe and on your ring finger if you want it like mine or you can mix it up and do something different.

Step 8.
Wait to dry and apply topcoat to make it all lovely and shiny.. oh and most importantly to protect your hard work :)

I hope this helps to achieve this look its pretty hard to describe how to do it with words but i hope it makes sense, if you do try this look or your own take i would love to see it.

I'd love to hear your thoughts on my nail art so pop me a comment.

Thanks for reading
Love Zoe x


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