Wednesday, 2 May 2012

Topshop Nail Polish - Cosmic Karma

Hello lovelies :),
Hope your all having a good week, I have been blogging more than usual this week as the weather has been so pants and on days like that i love nothing more than to sit on my computer blogging with a nice cup of coffee and a warm blanket (yes i am only 23 i swear)i just love the cosy feeling :).
Yesterday Morning i decided to paint my nails, i usually opt for a bright colour but i decided to go for Topshops Nail Polish in Cosmic Karma.


I Bought this a few weeks ago i was attracted to this specific colour just because i didn't own any other like it and i thought it would make a nice change to my usual bright ones i wear.

Its actually not that bright, just looks like it on this photo

This was the first time i have purchased a Topshop nail polish, and they do seem very popular in the blogging world, but i am sad to say i actually wasn't impressed, and i really wanted to like them as they have so many lovely colours to offer.
It did apply okay 2 coats was enough of colour for me, im not too keen on the brush its a bit too stumpy but i could cope with it, the annoying thing about it was that about 3 hours after painting them they started to chip quite rapidly even with a top coat of Seche Vite!! thats also without doing any household chores! i was really disappointed as i love the colour, it wasn't on the cheap side either as it was about £6 so i did expect a little better seen as good ol Barry M ones last alot longer and at half the price.
By the end of today my nails looked a state :( so i applied my trusty Essie nail polish (slightly obsessed) which lasts a good 3-4 days.
I'm not sure if it was just the colour i chose which was bad, or if i was unlucky and got a dodgy one, i really want more but I'm just put off now, can someone restore my faith in Topshop Nail polish? or have you experienced the same?

Thanks for reading 


  1. wow what a great colour!
    i am always unsure of topshop varnishes but this looks really nice :-)

    1. It is a lovely colour, its just a shame i didnt get on with it :( xx

  2. It's gorgeous! I hate it when a lovely colour turns out crap :/ I've collected a fair few of Topshops polishes and I haven't had any problems with them - but I really only buy the cream colours so maybe it's to do with the shimmery formula they use? I'd definitely say don't give up on them just yet!


    1. I know its a shame, Oh thats good then i may just get a creame finish colour then :) ill give it a go thanks for your comment sweetie xx


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