Tuesday, 8 May 2012

Freederm Perfecting Moisturiser - Review

Hello Lovelies :),
Hope your all well, today i want to talk about the Freederm Perfecting Moisturiser, as my loyal followers may know from a previous post i have suffered a bit from bad break outs recently, so i needed to step up my skincare routine a bit as i got a little lazy with it. 
I started off reviewing the Liz Earle Cleanse and Polish here  this helped alot but i also started using a different toner and moisturiser.
I thought i would share these skincare help posts with you as i know some people struggle to find skincare items that help problem prone skin like i did so i will show you what works for me.
The Freederm range is specifically to help fight spots they have a lot more in the range from exfoliants to on-the-spot gels, but i needed a moisturiser so i opted for the Perfecting Moisturiser. 
This product states- Fast, effective & long-lasting hydration. Helps to reduce spots.

I really need to find something that would help with any spots i had and to prevent any from coming back, i have been using this for a little over a week now and its really doing the trick!
The product comes in a 50 ml sized pump (i love products that come in a pump easy to use and less wastage) one pump is plenty for your whole face,

I was rather surprised at the texture of this moisturiser because i was expecting it to be quite thick and creamy, but its really light almost like a serum.
This doesn't have the nicest smell, but if you can overlook it its a really good product.

Pumped onto skin
Rubbed in lightly
Another good point for me is that it's 100% oil free because i can sometimes get quite a oily tzone and that would just make things worse, the product is lovely and light to use and sinks in the skin really quick.
Since i have been using this morning and night my skin has cleared up lovely and i have had no problems with breakouts which is amazing and very rare for me, its also made my face lovely and soft.
Its not a bad price either at £6.99 at the moment its on offer in boots to save a third at £4.33 here 
So i suggest if your thinking of buying get it while its on this offer and save yourself some pennies :)

Have you got any recommendations for me :)? Have you tried any of the Freederm range? 

Thanks For Reading.

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