Friday, 20 April 2012

Welcoming Leanne From Lammy Loves!

Hello Lovelies, 
Just a quick post to introduce my best friend Lam (no that's not her real name don't worry ..its actually Leanne..) she has just joined the bogging community, and i would love for you all to check out her blog Lammy Loves 
I have just been reading her first post (about a brilliant bargain hair care product) and i must say I'm pretty impressed) shes the loveliest person ever and has a great sense of humour, aswell as amazing style so I'm glad to give her a helping hand.
Leanne decided to set up a blog as shes always hearing me bashing on about mine and how much i love blogging and she wanted a piece of this :) as shes just as crazy about these kinda things as me.

She would love for anyone to check out her blog and bring forward their thoughts.
By the sounds of things shes got some really great posts coming up.

I wanted to write a post especially for her because this girl has the biggest heart and would seriously do anything for anyone.
After all that's what friends are for!
So if any of my lovely followers could please spare some time to check out Lammy Loves 
it would be greatly appreciated.
She also needs some great blogs to follow so leave your links on her post.



  1. Awh babe <3 thank you so much for this gorgeous post . You really are amazing and looking through here so talented too!!! Glad you got me into blogging but I am sure you will be fed of me getting on at your for advise and tips about my own blog haha!!
    Love you to the moon xxxxxx

    1. Your welcome my love :) u deseve it I hope I've helped, I'm glad ur doing it too I won't get fed up don't worry love you to the moon too xxxx

  2. So pretty!

    PS. We’ve a $75 Giveaway to PLNDR on our blog! Check it out, if you’d like :)

    ox from NYC!



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