Monday, 16 April 2012

Nail Art

Hello lovelies, hope your all well and having a great week.
I have recently just got the instagram app on my phone so if anyone has it and would like to follow @zoelouriri I'm kind of addicted to that at the moment, just like i have been with my nail art.
I have been playing alot with different colours and patterns, i found it really fun and rather therapeutic.

Here is a few of my creations
L-R Top to Bottom
  • Candy Stripes
  • Mint green polish with a pastel American flag as the accent nail
  • Pastel Baby pink nails with a sparkly pink accent nail (extremely girly)
  • Jazzy Aztec nails 
Some lovely girl contacted me and suggested i do a tutorial on how to achieve these designs, I'm not brave enough to give the youtube a go just yet but if anyone would like me to do an individual post showing how to do any of the above designs, i would be more than happy to do so :) leave a comment below and let me know. Thank you . 

What do you think of nail art? fun or faffy?

Thanks For Reading :)


  1. YOUR SO CLEVER! i love love love these nail designs :) x

  2. I'm definitely going to have to copy your candy striped nails! They look so cute! ♥

  3. The candy stripes look gorgeous!xx

  4. Aww these are amazing i deffo think you need to do a tutorial or a blog post on them :) xx

  5. They're all so good, loving the stripes and the aztec nails!

  6. love the aztec nails!

    check out my blog xo

  7. I love the American flag nail design :) lovely post! x

  8. those aztec nails are incredible! x

  9. I love the candy stripes! I've been planning to do candy stripe nails for ages but slacking in the nail art department at the moment! The American flag is cute too, I saw that on another blog recently and really want to try it :)

    1. Oooh thanks.. you should give them a go they r pretty easy :) thanks for your sweet comment xx


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