Saturday, 28 April 2012

Its True ...Liz Earle's Cleanse and Polish is Amazing!

Hello Lovelies,
Hope you have had a great week. I know you may have seen alot of Liz Earle reviews floating around lots of different blogs, but this is my take on the Ever so Famous Liz Earle Cleanse and Polish.

I have seen so many reviews of this particular product and not one had a bad thing to say about it! some even branding it as their Holy Grail Product, and the more i read the more i wanted to try it and see for myself.
So about 3 months ago i was in a John Lewis store (not local to me) and spotted a Liz Earle counter and knew i just get my hands on a Cleanse and polish.

I walked to the counter and the sales lady was really lovely (which to me is a great first impression on the brand) she then asked if she could help me with anything, so i asked her if i could have a cleanse and polish, she asked if it was the first time i have used it and if i would like to give it a quick try (on my hand, may i add), the lady explained how to use it and all you need is 2 pumps of product 2 times a day will last you a month.

I didn't want to post about this product straight away as i wanted to give it some time to see how i actually felt about the product but yea...its love and now my HOLY GRAIL! and having a HG item is a first for me as i like to try whats out there. (No wonder why its won so many awards)

My skin looked lovely after a week or so using this i had friends asking me what i used on my skin, so it must be good for people to notice.. one of my friends Leanne from Lammy Loves said how good it looked and she was saying how desperate she was for finding something to help her skin as she was having a rough time with it, i had a weeks sample of Cleanse and polish so gave her that and she's now a convert!

2 weeks ago i ran out of Cleanse and Polish so i started using something else until i could restock as no where near me sells it :( and my skin went bad again i was desperate to get my hands on more so i made an order online link 
It should be here by Monday fingers crossed, i was browsing the site for more things to try i was thinking about the moisturiser and toner.

If you are thinking of trying this i would go for it! On the Liz Earle website you can order a Try me sized one with a muslin cloth for £5.50. 

Have you tried any of these? What are your thoughts? Do you have a Holy Grail Item?
Thanks for reading :)


  1. I am a follower of yours, I really love your blog and I have nominated you for The Liebster Blog Award!


  2. Really want to try this out, even more so now!

    joanne from


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